Weigh It Out: Unpacking Pounds


You can try to be as skinny as you want to be, but don’t forget to recognize and appreciate what you have now! ~ Pernisha G.

Ok, so obviously I have gained and kept on an additional 12lbs according to the gyms scale (sense the sarcasm), which is the scale I’ll be using because I’ve given away my old one at the Giveaway Extravaganza. I’m saving a couple bucks for the Eat Smart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale 🙂 – I love new and uncommon gadgets, and my old buddy did not read my body fat percentage. My handheld body fat monitor, the Omron Body Logic Fat Loss Analyzer, kept reading the same body fat after a few uses and accuracy is most important for body fat; out with the old and unreliable! Recently on MyFitnessPal, I went on a cute little rant about how I no longer wanted to follow fitness plans and routine because I was dying of boredom ( as I always seem to do after a few dead-lifts and pushups)! It went something like this, “Today I’m taking the hugest risk ever! I’ve officially decided to STOP PLANNING my workouts (Right in the midst of planning my workouts lol)! I know, it sounds crazy, because you should always have some sort of fitness plan. Well, I’ve lost tons of weight (80lbs and counting), and I know all the rules; I think it’s time for me to stop sweating over time limits and HAVE SOME REAL FUN! I’m opening myself up to new activities and fitness spontaneity. All this strategizing I’ve been doing for the past year has helped me 5% lol. It’s time to do something different, and perhaps get different results. *Taking deep breath* OK! I CAN DO THIS!” Then I disappeared from the website and gained a couple more pounds. My plan was NO PLAN, and it was beginning to fail. Looks like I’m going back on SOME KINDA routine REALLY fast. The 12lbs is cool, and of course because of my body it’s hard to tell, but it’s the complete opposite of what my success journey requires. If I could make up an excuse for all this, it would be, my refrigerator no longer works, I have yet to replace it, and therefore have gained a little weight. ßUnfortunately, excuses and indecisiveness means incompetence, so I won’t be making anymore of those up. barely eat

Hmph! I was wondering WHY I was feeling a little juicier than normal lol

What’s my new plan? Go the gym as much as possible (mainly in the mornings), and DO SOMETHING. Normally if I just “show up,” I end up running a few miles and trying new machines. My best results, which I sometimes dread, comes from my AM workouts. I guess the hardest part of a morning routine is waking up, getting dressed and driving to the gym (waking up on time being the most challenging, especially in the winter and fall). A BIG plus about am workouts- I burn fat faster, I feel refreshed and alert, and I feel ridiculously accomplished when at 10a-11a-12p-1p-2p-3p-4p I start contemplating working out later in the evening; there’s a HUGE sigh of relief. 🙂 It’s that feeling moms get after the baby falls asleep for more than a couple hours! I do promise myself that I plan to be much more active, much more consistent, and not expect fast results. The long-term goal is to see 18% body fat, then maintain 20% realistically; and soon you will know why! ~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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