Community: SHARE!

Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

Helping people pursue personal growth and change.” ~SHARE!

Regardless of our different walks in life, I am a huge supporter of people from every nation and every race following their dreams and elevating each other; it’s the most beautiful gift you can EVER give someone. I’m always preaching (to whoever I can lol), about how we, as people, as a community need to help uplift each other; one man can’t raise a strong race by himself. We need each other, whether we choose to believe in coalesce or not. And most of the time, persons like myself, think there isn’t a place, (group or community), I can share my common thoughts with; the desire to be who I am in God and help others carry out their loads as well. I used to always think, no one was able to understand me or wanted to listen (let alone help), bring my vision to present. So, I did a little homework and I found an amazing group which does just that; inspiring people to develop and grow higher than their eyes can see; to continue to think outside the box:

SHARE! “The mission of SHARE! The Self-Help and Recovery Exchange, is to help people in Los Angeles pursue personal growth and change. SHARE! Empowers people to change their own lives and provides them a loving, safe, non-judgmental place where they can find community, information and support.”

Wow, their mission alone definitely gave me a sense of relief. Instead of assuming I had no home for my thoughts, ideas and personal growth goals, I should have been praying to find one without complaining. SHARE has been spreading their purpose since 1993. They have over 10,000 support groups for drug and sex abuse, speech therapy, grief and loss, with many more – which are also fluent in many different languages, and amazing Volunteer-to-Job program that trains the unemployed to prepare and sustain future jobs in the workforce!

Are you interested in helping their vision continue to spread?
Feel free to visit their website, or call 310-846-5270 to get more information on where to donate your time, a couple of bucks, or a few household or office supplies like envelopes, first aid supplies, or forks and spoons. Don’t have anything to help? Come to my house and pick up all the awesomeness arranged beautifully on my living room floor, left over from my Giveaway Extravaganza!

When helping anyone or anything, to give a little of yourself, your love, your support, goes a very long way; always. ~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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