Relations: All in Together!



  •  The state of being related or interrelated. ~ Merriam Dictionary.

Christmas 2012, I sent out these cute little cards that defined my future relations with those who are close to me, and boy did I get some interesting responses. (I will post my exact words soon). However, I felt I needed to open myself up for opportunity of enriching my relationships. I went on in the card to say, “I will not expect anything, but will except nothing less,” don’t I have a way with words. 🙂 Even though what I am aiming for might be a challenge, possibly a struggle and extremely emotional, I am mentally and physically ready for the change. Besides, “there’s no growth without change,” (Various).

Being able to relate, to understand, to encourage, to empower, to be open, to motivate, to question, to grow, to communicate, to love, to support, to be honest, to engage, to compromise, to celebrate, to respect, to uplift, to be patient, to be considerate, and compassionate- I would have my relationships no other way. ~Pernisha G.  relate-helping-others-for-thee-love

As much as I try to avoid some of them, relationships are extremely important in my life. With them, I feel connected and much livelier than I normally would without relations. Through my entire success journey, I will be expressing my different thoughts and emotions towards each of my relationships with friends, family, coworkers, associates, and many others. No one relationship is perfect, not a single one. I am revealing the good, the bad, and the better as I work through my personal relationships, and watch them improve or dissipate in front of my very own eyes. I am striving to be a better me in everything that I do, and my relations with others are a tremendous part of who I am and becoming. For example, For Thee Love was not created for me personally; I am using it as a tool to connect people for a higher cause. I want everyone from everywhere to be able to relate, learn from each other, and move forward in their own personal relationships and beliefs. Perhaps one of you will help me overcome some of my inner relational fears – who knows, but I am looking forward to inspiring someone else to improve the quality of their relationships as well. We all deserve better. beteo

It’s practically being each other’s Super Hero. ~Pernisha G. 🙂

Ps. It’s all Love.


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