Awareness: Beachy Clean

hl beach

If it doesn’t belong, get rid of it. ~Pernisha G.

I went for a pleasant jog on the beach a few days ago. The sky was clear, the air was refreshing, and it was not over populated with people or birds. It almost felt as though I were basking on my own island, soaking up the sunset, while waves made beautiful music for me to enjoy my workout. However, as I moved in closer to the water, I saw all types of junk living on the lining of the coast, and unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me. There were bottle caps, cigarette buds, a gift bow, a balloon, plastic bottles, cans, shoes, toys, plastic bags, candy wrappers, cookware pieces and coal – just to name a few! Now, I dfishmight offend someone because I’m very sensitive on the subject, but if you (yourself or your family), do not like taking showers and baths in dirty water or a filthy bath tub (let’s assume you don’t), what would make you think that sea animals do? WE sometimes eat them as food. Now imagine how sick they could become before entering your own body.  Perhaps you don’t give two flying monkeys about sea animals, how sick they are, and how they can be poisonous to your digestive system. How about being considerate of the people who swim in the ocean to save lives? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want a large bag of Lays Barbecue Potato Chips stuck to their faces while they pull someone (maybe you or someone you know) out of the water. Or, how about the children who enjoy building sandcastles? Their parents wouldn’t have to worry much about rashes or infections from trash loitering on the sand. Or perhaps you haven’t had time to think about the, “1.5 million preventable deaths per year,” resulting from unsafe, inadequate, and treated sewer water? 🙂 cdrinkingwater

It only takes 60-120 seconds to do our part; to clean up after ourselves wherever we are; to go chasing after that flying piece of trash; to sometimes pick up after someone else; to leave our public settings as clean and attractive as they should be – by throwing away trash and recycling properly.  If this means playing the friendly volunteer/go green/trash monitor, do it! I appreciate you.

I personally get offended when people leave their trash out for the coast to harbor it. Eeeww! (—- girly moment. I can’t bask in trash. It would be nice to jog the sand with no shoes, not worrying what’s going to puncture my foot. It would also be relieving to hear my friends say they don’t mind parading around in beach water because they feel it’s clean, safe, and habitable. It would be even more exciting to know I can swim in the ocean without something hitting me in the face. Wouldn’t you? Like our mommies will always say, “if you mess it up, clean it up.”

You can actually save a few lives doing one great deed. ~Pernisha G.


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