DIY: Reblogged: …The Things That Bring Me Back, Nicole Piar


Reset Sunday: The Things That Bring Me Back

Ever since I was a child, I loved list-making. Lists would consolidate and
distill my ideas, tasks, wishes, thoughts and observations into a very clear,
concise, and manageable space. Everyone is a familiar with the old standard: the
To-do List. While often helpful, I am going leave that diligent-worker list
behind for now in favor of a light-hearted list that brims with joy,
playfulness, and wonder. I call this list: “The Things that Bring Me Back” This
list catalogues all the things big and small that make you feel the joy of being
alive. They are the things that awaken you to the thrill of the moment; that
catapult you into a state of awe and expansiveness, that warm you with love and
open you heart.
We all have days when we feel like the sunshine has been
drained out and been replaced with a dull internal monotone. We feel
disconnected and disinterested. We see no progress, no significant change, and
our sense of meaning seems poorly fabricated, flimsy at best. This is exactly
what we need to be “brought back” from. We have travelled down the gloomy path
of apathy, discouragement or sadness and this list reminds of the things that
serve as golden lifelines back to ourselves, restoring our energy, our sense of
purpose and innate joy.
So sit down and let your mind roam until you
stumble upon these special things that bring you back. They will be unique to
you so don’t judge them or edit. Just be honest and true to yourself. Meditating
for a half hour each day may be what you think should work but maybe it is
actually just seeing a funny picture of a cat. My list took the form of a doodle
but you can also just write a regular vertical list, use colorful markers, draw
pictures of add photos, or just type it into your computer. Just the act of
writing this list can help remind you of why life is so grand! Post your list in
places you see often: over your desk, on the refrigerator, in the bathroom. Read
it often, especially when you feel lost and need to find your way back. ~Nicole Piar

To read more from Nicole, visit

Live in your happiness.~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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