Fit Finances: Financial Success

Key to Financial Success

Long, long, and long ago, I used to chant how much I didn’t love money; how much I didn’t need it or HAD to have it! Oh boy how times change. We say the darnest things when we don’t have any bills to pay for eh?  But when I was younger, I never understood the real value of money. All I knew was how fast to spend it, and where and why to spend it. No one thoroughly explained to me the importance of the dollar. And now that I’m practically jumping over the hill in few years (turning 30yrs), I’m still learning that money is one of the most important assets on this earth; now, I’d place it on my “top 10 must haves” list. Do I crave money or am I full of greed, absolutely not. However, with the future I desire and am working towards, green dollars are going to be mandatory, (unless somehow/someway I’d never have to pay… for anything, ever!) {—– But let’s be realistic here, everything I want SCREAMS dollar signs. I plan to travel to many countries, perhaps live in some of them for a few months; birth healthy and beautiful children, and give them my undivided attention the first few years of their lives; invest in my own college tuition (because loans will eat my money alive); put more than 20% down on a lovely home with my future husband or perhaps buy one onsite; invest for my retirement years (not that I ever really plan on not working); and most importantly, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, and give some more. I love helping others anyway possible, and lack of money seems to be the most common problem that sends people into misery. Therefore, I need money to bless others and myself.  There’s no way I will survive this planet without being financially successful. “Well what is financial success to you Pernisha?” someone might ask 🙂 It’s being able to recycle money where it matters most and not indulging in unnecessary materials. saving-money-cartoonFor example, instead of going out to eat every Friday night (which I battle with very often), I would much rather give that extra $25 to help pay someone else’s gas bill or place it in my emergency fund for unexpected financial crisis. It’s all very simple, but because I’m in the process of becoming a financial expert, I have tons of education and “head bumping” to do before I can claim to be financially success.

In the future, I will be sharing my financial challenges, tips, struggles, crisis, and accomplishments with you. Please feel free to share what you know- perhaps we can all be financially successful in our own right, and together.

“Respect yo cheese.” ~Jason Woods

Ps. It’s all Love.


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