Weigh It Out: How To Kill Your Kids


Lack of proper nutrition for any child should be a premeditated murder case. ~Pernisha G.

Why do we (the people) feed our children SO MUCH CRAP?! Cookies, candy, soda, chips, fast and fried foods; When, “one out of three (1 out of 3) children is considered overweight or obese.”

If you want to see me cry, feed your children fast burgers and French fries. ~Pernisha G.

So why do we do it? Why are we feeding our children food their bodies can barely digest; making them sick, gassy, tired, depressed, antsy, and unpredictable? Very often I see people feeding their toddlers butter yams, cheesy macaroni and cheese, and an array fried foods. I know that each parent has a story (a circumstance, or an excuse) for providing their children with such poor nutrition, but where do we get to the point of realization kids stop pressthat we are not feeding our children, we are killing them. We are weakening their immune system – making them sick with running noses, contagious coughs, boiling fevers, and uncomfortable congestion. We are hindering their brain development with the lack of vitamins in their foods. Later, we are criticizing them for their poor eating habits as they grow older, and we continuously wonder why they develop chronic diseases, stroke, asthma, high blood pressure, and accelerated aging. Does it really all “run in the family?”

If you think that you’re not supposed to be eating it, why do you feed it to your children? ~Pernisha G.

I am always baffled to have to witness mommy pulling over to order her three year old some fried chicken nuggets and strawberry soda. “But he likes fruit too,” is what one of their responses to my reaction was. If this is the case, how hard and time consuming could it be to prepare a few containers of fruits, vegetables and nuts? “But I’m too busy, I don’t have time…” How does a mother not have time for the health of her child?

I don’t feel that anyone’s nutritional diet should be perfect, but I strongly believe that sicknesses can be prevented at an early age. money cnn comIt has been proven that, “teaching your children healthy eating habits, and modeling these behaviors in yourself, you can help your children maintain a healthy weight and normal growth. Also, the eating habits your children pick up when they are young will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults.”

primalmeded com

“Well Pernisha, I can’t afford all that healthy stuff. I gotta buy what my money can supply,” (Anonymous) reply. If this is truly the case, I have NEVER taken a trip to the 99 Cent Store and did not find any fresh oranges, potatoes, carrots, spinach, apples, melons, nuts, bananas, strawberries and grapes. There is no pity or sympathy here!

Can we please take better care of our children by providing them with the essential nutrition they need to sustain a healthy lifestyle? Pretty please! Yes I AM BEGGING! And if you see a mother or father struggling to do the same, don’t be afraid to chip in.

Love your babies with wholesome food. ~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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