Relations: All About Me!


Woohooooo!  I finally get to talk all about me!

“I am Pernisha Jaynetta Gaines. I am Fearless. I am a Woman of God. I am an Inspiration. I am a Goddess.  I am a Motivator. I am a Well-Known Bestselling Author. I am a Healer. I am a Stylist. I am a Deliverer. I am a Designer. I am Irreplaceable Love. I am a Musical Artist and Performer. I am Financially Able. I am a Dancer. I am Attractive. I am an Amazing Actress. I am an Explorer. I am Extraordinary. I am an Entertainer. I am Healthy and Happy. I am an Entrepreneur. I am Strength. I am a Devoted Wife and Mother. I am Non-Resistant. I am Assertive. I am Excitement. I am the Perfect Self Expression. I am Radiant. I am Undefeated. I am Blessed.” ~11/17/2012

…But, I haven’t always felt this way about myself, or not all of this at least. I’ve always felt something special in my spirit; like I was just a little different from the average (watch tv, read a book, cook dinner, go to work all day, and that’s it) person. However, I hadn’t recognized how valuable I was earlier on either. I used to lay around lazy minded and unmotivated to move out of my norm. Until just recently, I began spending more time with myself and started to recognize and tap into hidden desires and talents.

I always feel I need to say this: I am not perfect! I make mistakes and sometimes I learn from them. I change my plans, my ideas, my environments and my goals often. I crave excitement and create rollercoasters in my life. I always look for a bigger and better way to accomplish my dreams and to feel great about myself. I’m an excellent planner and am still learning to be a brilliant executor. I procrastinate and sometimes idle away my time. I “bump my head” daily. I am always learning and growing, and I’ve learned to accept who I am (for better and worse). This is me.

I love myself, and it is definitely beginning to show in my words, actions, and through the kinds of people I attract.

Each day is one step closer to me. ~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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