Weigh It Out: Veganism


“Everyone is capable of changing, but transformation requires a compelling incentive to make the effort to take action, especially if it goes against the majority.” ~The Vegan Woman

For a few years I have been pescetarian, a type of vegetarian. But in those few years, I’ve had plenty of time to think about “man-ing up,” and becoming a true vegan- I don’t see why not. I love animals, period; if the world could be built my way, there would be cows, horses, sheep and pigs in plain sight every day; they wouldn’t be caged up in some infested, inhabitable, smelly and disgusting slaughter house, drugged up and miserable.   Ewwww {——Girly moment! Not to mention I’ve read plenty of articles about eating animals, their byproducts, and how they negatively affect the human body; causing numerous diseases, addicting attachments, mental disorders, sickness, digestive discomfort, and high blood pressure. Also, the very insightful speech I presented to my communications class in 2008 about animal cruelty {how many football fields it takes to create a slaughter-house, and how billions of dollars are contributed to the mistreatment of animals}, helped me change my perspective on what I was hording inside my body.  I do believe that no one nutritional diet alone is perfect. However, I personally feel more alert and much more energized when I incorporate more vegetables into my meal plans.

Alert, energized, well rested, something new – sounds great to me!

To make things a little easier on myself, I’m ordering the Veganomicon Cookbook: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook, in hopes that I will learn how to begin playing around with different vegetables, starches, proteins, grains and fruits. I’m SO EXCITED I can eat a fresh carrot!

I’m not sure what bodily changes this new lifestyle will bring about, but I am excited to say that I have the courage to do something most people say they will never do, which is “never be: vegan or vegetarian,” because they love eating animals and cheese too much.

If only people googled enough on the right subjects. ~Pernisha G. 🙂

Ps. It’s all Love.


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