Hmmm! My First Bucket!


Enjoy the adventure of your life. ~Pernisha G.

For those of you who are unaware (because I just learned about it myself :-)), a Bucket List is a list of things, accomplishments, adventures, and goals you wish to conquer before you die and leave planet earth. There is no hard and fast rule to create one; you simply pull out a sheet of paper and pencil (with an eraser), and you make an exciting list of all the things you wish to do in your lifetime – the possibilities are endless so think outside of your comfortable box. You are not a slave to the list; you can edit it as much as you like depending on your mood and interests (because they do change). You can also continue to add to the list over time- it never ends. Keep your list close by and take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself; for no one likes a long list of the undone.

Here’s a short example of my first list, it seems to grow the more I think: 🙂

  • Weight 130lbs.
  • 18% Body Fat.
  • Run a 10K.
  • Write a book.
  • Star in a movie, TV show, commercial and music video.
  • Produce a play.
  • Minister to women.
  • Travel to 20 countries.
  • Grow a plant.
  • Own a home.
  • Bungee Jump.
  • Be a Vegan Chef.
  • Jet Ski.
  • Perform at a Comedy Show.
  • Pose Nude.
  • Buy a pair of Seven Jeans.
  • Drive a very fast luxury car.
  • Star in a fitness video.
  • Sail a small boat.
  • Ride a motorcycle.
  • Pet a pig.
  • Strut in some Louboutin Heels.

….And the list goes on.

Why not get started on your own Bucket List, today… right now! You’d be happy that you did, and you’d probably feel much more alive.

It’s time to wakeup. ~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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