Weigh It Out: De-Stress

flickr comManage what gets in the way of your happiness. ~Pernisha G.

Are you stressing? Because I definitely am. Today I am filled with tons of mixed emotions about everything taking place in my life, and also everything that is not taking place! I didn’t want to call it stress, but I sat back yesterday and really pondered on what I’ve been feeling and how I’ve been reacting to my emotions. Here’s what’s been taking place in my mind:

  • How am I going to achieve that?
  • Where is the money going to come from?
  • When is this job going to just disappear forever?
  • No one understands me.
  • What if I could just “get a way,” would that change anything?
  • Or maybe I should just go out more = spend whatever left moneys I have.

These are just some of my conjured up thoughts from stressing over events that have been taking place. So I took two seconds to do some homework to shift my mind and begin to heal my body. According to Franklin Institute, A chronic overreaction to stress overloads the brain with powerful hormones that are intended only for short-term duty in emergency situations. Their cumulative effect damages and kills brain cells.” Unfortunately, as I read further, I was informed that stress can cause cardiovascular disease and may also lead to cancer. NOT MY HEART & BODY! OH NO NO! LONG LIVE PERNISHA!!!

Online, I found this awesome website that seems to be extremely beneficial to my stress management. At http://wellnessproposals.com/, not only to the help cope with the “regular” stresses, but they also cover a wide range of other stressors like divorce, anxiety, depression, family, money, and learning how to feel great about yourself! Awww, yes! Sounds like I’m on my way.

Here are a few quick distress tricks that I have not done lately, but intend to do very soon:

  • LAUGH: For as long and as loud as you can… and mean it!
  • JOG: Until sweat is all over your body.
  • MEDITATE: For 30 minutes.
  • COOK: A gourmet meal.
  • BUBBLE BATH: Light some candles and let your thoughts float away. Don’t forget the dark chocolate and a few grapes.
  • MASSAGE: That gorgeous body of yours, because it deserves it!

I’m feeling better already.

Ps. It’s all Love.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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