Right now I’m sitting at Denny’s with my laptop open, just as tired, sleepy, and exhausted as I want to be. I just ordered the Bacon Avocado Burrito, less the bacon! My laptop is ploppled on the table and my food has just arrived. It’s quite tasty but I can do better. There’s a very mature gray and blonde woman sitting across from me- trying to enjoy her food and stare me down all in one bite; not exactly sure what interests her about me, but she must find me mysterious. However, I’m here at Denny’s because my Ipod (my only connection to this world) died, and so did my laptop earlier inside of Starbucks (they only had one outlet and someone was plotting on it before me). But the truth of the matter is, I’m here because I’m homeless; I have nowhere to go and nowhere to be. I’m living in the beginning stages of my success journey. I made the biggest decision to move out of my awesome one bedroom apartment into a house where I know not a single soul. Until my room is ready, I have been forced to live on the streets practically; perhaps in my car or a hotel room, whichever I decide. Though my choices are unusual at this time, they are quite close to who I am; meaning, they are very natural for me to decide. What I do seem to love about my venture is not having a huge financial responsibility eating at my bank account. On the flip side, I miss having a designated place to lay my head. I guess we can assume that I love the luxury and the convenience without the responsibility; who would have known?! What seems to boggle my brain most about my situation is that when I had the luxury of coming home to a serene and well-organized space, I never wanted to be there, alone; and now that I’m eating out more often, gaining weight, wondering about where I’m going to lay my head for the night, I desire nothing more than a comfy pillow and some silky sheets to cuddle in; the irony! My first few nights out on the streets, AirBnb was extremely helpful, but I learned extremely fast that booking rooms a couple days before check-in are almost impossible (at a decent and affordable rate at least). So here I am, completely open-minded and living through my experience. I have to give myself a teeny-weeny bit of credit however, knowing that not too many youngsters I know would move out of their comfortable space, on faith,  and take a leap closer to their success. I know what I want, and I’m learning that I have to be absolutely willing to do what is necessary and out of the ordinary to bring those plans to pass.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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