Weigh It Out: Sleeping for 8!

Sleeping B

Live longer, be more creative and great in bed, with sleep! ~Pernisha G.

I woke up this morning with the slightest clue of what day it was. Without a single thought more, I yanked my thick comforter off my warm sweaty body, and sat up; dumbfounded of the day I was in. For two seconds, I thought to myself, “If this is the weekend, this is perfect.” But it wasn’t. Monday’s sleep monster had completely taken over my body even when I thought I fought it off. While stumbling to the restroom and trying to “sleep walk” my way there, I battled with being conscious of the spiders that may be hanging out from the ceiling of my “new” converted garaged room. I had finally realized what day it was, “Damn, it’s only Tuesday,” and the thought of not resting until my next off day (now working two jobs), had saddened me a bit. I slapped the light off, and tried sleep walking to my “cozy” couch. Though slightly uncomfortable by the wetness of my covers, I drifted off into a soft sleep; so soft, that I felt I was intensely daydreaming. A couple hours later after hitting snooze, I gave in and irritation complimented my mood; I plopped back up and headed towards the shower. I’ve never wanted a good night’s rest so badly.

Of course I’m young, and I can conquer the world with all of the energy fueling my bones and muscles, but if my huge brain isn’t well rested, calmed, relaxed and efficient,  it shows on my body, in my room, my car, on paper, through my words and actions. Almost every emotion, symptom and decision I make is a reflection of how much sleep my body really gets. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for you. Most of us don’t even realize how much harm and stress are bodies are forced to endure when it’s lacking rest.

Give your body the time it needs to heal and repair itself by putting it at ease before sleeping (a nice warm shower, head to toe massage, or four play, whatever it takes 🙂 ), and be sure to schedule your 8 whole hours every single night. Your skin, hair, nails, 6 pack abs, heart, muscles, bones, kidney, liver and most importantly, your brain, will all be very grateful to have such a considerate organism holder!

Rest before death. ~Pernisha G

Add a gallon of water and one whole lemon each day to 8hrs of rest, and you might also feel your jeans loosen a few inches. 🙂

Ps. It’s all Love.


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