Weigh It Out: Work It Sexy


If you look it and feel it! ~Pernisha G.

Excuse me, ladies! Can we look just a tad bit more appealing when we workout?!

Did you know that the sexier you feel and look, the higher your confidence is boosted? Yep! That means, when you’re about to break down and get your sweat on (in the gym, at home, or on the road), always attempt to grab the most flattering piece of workout gear you own.


From my experience and maybe yours, have you noticed that when you wear fitted, stylish, and comfortable fitness wear, after you sweat from putting in your best effort for tighter abs and a bodacious derrière, your body feels firmer; you feel leaner and your poster changes (especially if you’re in the gym and all the cuties are floating around; ain’t no time for slouching there!).  Why not wear clothing that compliments how you (will) feel, instead of how you’re feeling when you initially decide to workout. Amber Rose

Every time I wear my loosely fitted sweat pants, I feel loose in the legs and irritated because everything in that region is wobbling and feels uncontrolled. However, a good pair of thick spandex bottoms makes me feel in control, and that alone is very sexy!

It is not necessary to wear the tightest and most revealing wardrobe (no stalkers wanted), but a little bit of sex appeal to your attire never hurts.

If you want to feel even sexier and pumped about your workout, combine sassy gear with sexy fitness moves like squats, lunges, and hip rotations; that always gets me working!

Ps. It’s all Love.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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