Kelly Rowland, Talks A Good Game

Kelly Rowland

Ms. Kelly Rowland, who has been beaming in the spotlight lately, (catch her sensual curves gracing the cover of Shape Magazine), recently released her fourth solo album under the management of Republic Records.  I do believe I’m a firm Kelly fan -though I don’t own her first album Simply Deep, released after the initial separation from top selling girl group Destiny’s Child, alongside band members Michelle Williams and Beyoncé Knowles– I was a bit surprised by the contents of her newest album, Talk A Good Game. On Kelly Rowland most of her tracks, Kelly does not hide who she is, and what she is set out to achieve. She “talks” a lot on love, money, intimacy, heartbreak and of course, her abusive relationship with ex-fiancé and former Cincinnati Bengals Safety, Roy Williams. Unlike her previous albums, Kelly sounds most honest and sincere about, Kelly! With Talk A Good Game, Kelly reveals every angle and aspect of the woman she has become.

At my first listen to the album, I didn’t recognize the “usual” Kelly, I could only think to myself, “WOW.” I hadn’t really expected any change from her prior albums. The sound is different, given that the Dream, Pusha T and Wiz Khalifa (just to name a few) are all featured on a few tracks. Kelly has also contributed a major part in writing her own lyrics (with some assistance from a few others), as she tries her best to tell a great story with each song.

A few of my album favs are (in order):

#14. Put Your Name On It

#2. Kisses Down Low

#5. Down On Love

#9. Red Wine

#4. Talk A Good Game ft. Kevin Cossom

With the various moods and tones of this album, there is a favorite track or two for any one of Kelly’s listeners. Be sure to pick up the Deluxe Edition of, Talk A Good Game (in stores now), for even more variety.

Also, Keep up with Kelly as a leading panelist on Fox’s , The X-Factor, alongside Simon Cowell and a few others.


~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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