Will You Be Next?!

power lotto

I don’t know about you all, but I feel so much pressure when that lotto commercial comes on the radio. Their marketing strategies makes me want to hop up and zoom to the nearest line at the liquor to play, and hopefully win!

Will you be next? ~Power Lotto

All of last week, while listening to 94.7 The Wave, I felt the urge to spend some extra cash on a chance to win $400,000,000… FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS… WOOHOOO! I get excited just thinking about it! What would YOU do with $400 MILLION (no need for lower case letters here) DOLLARS!!!!!

Here’s how I would organize my $400-MILLION;

  • $15 MILLION goes to taxes. Hey Uncle SAM has to eat too!
  • $15,000 on an all expense paid 30-day trip to the most beautiful islands. I would use this time to humble myself, and really Beautiful Islandconsider my plans with my money; this would require tons of praying and meditation.
  • $30, 000 will go to anyone or anything I ever owed, or promised myself I would help, “if I have it.”
  • Dave Ramsey The Man$2 MILLION will be split between charities and causes.
  • $4 MILLION will help support business entrepreneurs for start-up cost.
  • $5 MILLION will be donated to family and friends that I am close with.  I bet they are wondering who they are 🙂 And they wouldn’t have access to the moneys until they became financially educated through Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover System!
  • $20 MILLION will be used to build and maintain schools around the world for the less fortunate. ghana schools
  • $10 MILLION will help open a couple of my ideal businesses! I would be SO excited, I’ve always wanted to hire people and lower the unemployment rate.
  • $2 MILLION will be split and donated to a few animal shelters. animal shelter
  • $50 MILLION will be invested in MFA’s, MMA’s, and Stock accounts.
  • $35,000 will be used for a brand new car- perhaps one of those Toyota FJ Cruisers- I love those BIG things. VROOM!!! Toyota FJ Cruiser 2014
  • $650,000 on a 5-bedroom 2.5 bath, house! Somewhere in it would be a long window with a small view of the city; we call this my office space!!!!
  • $20,000 will decorate the entire home.
  • $15,000 will install the pool slide. I would say it’s for the children, but hey, I’m a BIG kid too! Dangit!
  • $10,000 will be used for a makeover/wardrobe change; you should see my empty closet!
  • $10,000 would buy me a few pairs of designer shoes… who needs the handbag? And don’t worry; I plan on wearing them all year long, like they will never go out of style! designer showers
  • $1 MILLION will help support my babies’ college tuition!

And that leaves me…

$290,215 000 (two hundred ninety million, two hundred fifteen thousand dollars!) WOW!

And I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with the rest besides invest more and cover living expenses, oh, and hire a temporary therapist so that I’m sure not to do any extra splurging due to the financial stresses of spending! 🙂 Who says that? ME with 400 MILLION DOLLARS!!

Welp, that was exciting! A girl sure can dream… right?!

What are your dreams? Remember, NO one dream alone is either too big or too small. So keep dreaming!

Ps. It’s all Love!


What Are Your Thoughts?

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