To The Best Of Our Ability!


“Team work makes the dream work.” ~Various

Every time I read (just a piece) of African history, I want to throw away everything I own (except pictures of course), and go marching and writing for what is right; and what is love; because without love for each other we will continue to lack unity, respect, faith, and harmony. But without the proper support, in today’s culture, I would be laughed at or talked about for my attempts to help reconnect African-Americans.

To whoever you are, where ever you are; we exceed united, not divided. ~Pernisha G.   black-power-fist

Much of us are separated from each other, to the extent that some black men don’t even think to be labeled or admit to being black, African-American, or of African descent; they prefer to claim their “one-drop” of Dominican, or Asian, or European; and yes, it is partially correct to be considered another race (given your parents decent and nationality), but do not miss the moment to claim who and what we are a part of; where we have derived from. Some of us seem to forget, and yes, it’s easy, given that we aren’t regularly reminded; but, we will never be consistently reminded until the day we decide to pour out and instill our wisdom in each other. However, with what little information we do know, we are held very accountable for how we utilize it.

If I knew a Muslim scripture, I would quote one pertaining to the subject. But I do know a Biblical scripture, and it reads…

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” ~1 Thessalonians 5:11

Again, we are responsible for each other; to love, to cherish, and strengthen one another. In simpler terms, if I know that you are in need of an apple (for example), and I can provide you with it, or I know how to get one to you, but I turn away from you, I will be disciplined for my actions. Repeat; if you are in need, and I can help fulfill that need, or know how to without harming someone or something else to in the process, and I don’t share this vital information with you, God will bring it up on judgment day, and question jones-hoguunite-538x378me about it! We are all very responsible for how we act and react towards each others’ prosperity, and how we help each other ease our loads. We cannot successfully move forward alone (individually), without guilt or some sense of wrong doing (assuming we know what it morally correct, of course), while many others are in need or are living in misery. We can pretend (forcing a lie to be true) that we are able to persevere and excel without each other and try to act comfortable separated from the rest; but the thought of what is happening (all of the wrong doings; the jail system, the murders, the unjust, the unemployment rate, the abuse, the name calling, the devastation, the poverty, the image distortion, the lack of, the less than), would make anyone (of any stature) uneasy eventually, admitting or not. However, together we have the ability to rise above what we have ever imagined, but as a whole; we need to be a team; constantly working for and with each other, to the best of our ability!

Not one against the other, but together! ~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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