Phine Body “DONKEY BOOTY” Dvd Volume 1, Review


Who watches the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta?” I know I don’t! But while searching for fitness dvd’s and looking into entertainment news, I saw that Ms. Phaedra Parks and her eye-catching husband Apollo were selling their secrets on how to gain a DONKEY BOOTY; and according to the women (and men) of this century, a DONKEY BOOTY is in very HIGH DEMAND!!! *insert donkey noises here*

So, me being as curious and spontaneous as I am, I decided to take on the challenge after being won over by the reviews on Amazon and YouTube.


I’m going to be honest with you… if you are seeking toned legs, a juicy DONKEY BOOTY, and a firmly lifted backside, THIS WORKOUT IS FOR YOU. Phaedra goes right into the eight minute warm-up with her southern dance moves, dipping and spinning like a tornado! Rounds one and two are very much the same workouts, (both lasting for close to twenty-two minutes), but Apollo completely takes over with a variety of squats, lunges and leg lifts (OUCH!). In the last round, Apollo works the core for seven minutes and transitions into a five-minute cool down. The moves of this workout are not complicated; they are very simple for even the novice. However, the moves are very repetitive and that’s where the burn happens. What I love about this workout dvd is that it holds true to its purpose – I can feel the donkey forming from my backside. Also, the scenery is perfect. I’ve never witnessed a grand city view up in the hills and a sparkling pool in none of my previous workout dvd’s.  I wonder who thought it was a great idea to shoot this dvd in my dream setting. Whose house is this anyway and can I get an invite? It makes me feel rich in spirit, calmed and relaxed – like I can conquer this workout. It’s a very zen-ish setting and I love it!

To make this dvd work for you and for a more full body burn, combine this workout with your favorite upper body fitness moves and turn it into a regimen!

..Just don’t have the time? …Looking for a straight-to-the-point solution? Combine the warm-up with either rounds one or two and go straight into the cool down for a thirty-six minute workout. And trust me, you’ll still feel that intense burn and be “donktabulous” in no time!

For my results and before/after photos, subscribe now!

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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