Let’s Get NAKED!

Lets Get Naked Photo

Let’s Get Naked…



TAKE THEM OFF and take this post to your nearest mirror!

The beginning of any fit journey requires for you to be completely aware of what and where change needs to exist. Use this time to examine your entire body from head to pinky toe. Do not JUDGE how fat or thin you are. Do not make unflattering remarks or half jokes about your physique.  To all negative thoughts you have roaming around that brain of yours, inhale deep and let them all go NOW!!! Very simply, look at your entire being with an open heart, an open mind and with significant amounts of forgiveness and gratitude; whatever you’ve done to your body thus far, it has survived. Be honest with yourself about your physical appearance. What do you love about your body? Is it your short legs, wide hips, or thick thighs? For me, hands down, I love my big-ole, juicy-ole, wobbling from here to there, thighs. They aren’t the tightest or the leanest, but they are strong, powerful, and compliment every dress I wear. Can’t find anything you enjoy or admire about your body? Let me help you. Do you love your complexion, your freckles or those long legs, or even how shapely you are? It really are those simple things (like positive thoughts) that gets us going and keeps us on the path to success. Enjoy the body you are in right now. Do a 360 in the mirror and smile to a healthier future; envision yourself laying on white sand half-naked, soaking up some Caribbean sun while all the passing strangers stare in awe of your glistening beauty!

Yes, there are changes that need to be made. Perhaps there has been tons of abuse or neglect to your body, but surely over time that will all change. I know for some, it’s definitely a challenge just to look in the mirror and observe ourselves. Some of us are completely uncomfortable with the messes we’ve created; and others are perfectionists who are always looking to take their bodies to the next level, sometimes unsatisfied with results and always feel there’s work to do. But guess what, that “mess” and that body you are perfecting will soon be a masterpiece – because you are going to work for it mentally and physically, and it starts right here, IN THE MIRROR!

What I’ve gotten in the habit of doing, just to show my body a little more gratitude and to have open communication with it, I rub anything that needs to change. If my stomach is poking out more than usual, or my knees feel over worked from running, before bed I give my body a few moments of my time to put it at ease with love and gentle words.  I say to it, “I know I did this. I know you’re uncomfortable, but I’m going to undo it, and please forgive me. I apologize. You deserve better.” Lastly, I kiss my shoulders and hug myself tightly (awe harmony). Sometimes I might cry like a baby, but hey, it’s MY BODY and it needs to be nurtured and NOT abused! Who better to love on me than… me?! Love on you!

Oh and remember, “How you see yourself is exactly how other people see you!”

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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