RESULTS: Phine Body “Donkey Booty”, Before & After

Phine Body Results PM

The results are definitely in!!!!

For the past three weeks, I’ve had the luxury of working out to Reality TV Stars and couple, Phaedra Parks’ and Apollo Nida’s, “Phine Body: Donkey Booty, Volume 1” workout dvd.

And in just 12 days, my derriere has grown…

1.5 INCHES!!! (See comparison above)

My starting measurements were:

Bust: 36in. to (35 inches)

Waist: 30in. to (30.5 inches)

Lower Waist: 34in. to (34 inches)

Hips / Butt: 44.5in. to (46 inches)

Weight: 169lbs to (172.4)

Analyzing the photo above, you can see that I had to pull my bottoms down to cover all of my new rump, when initially it was unnecessary. Also, my bootay is a lot more rounded and pointed outwards unlike my growing “sitter’s butt” on the left side. Looking at my measurements and weights, you can see a small increase in my waist and weight. That may definitely be because, I did NOT combine this workout any heavy cardio and I used 5-pound dumbbells during the last 2 weeks. We can definitely assume that I put on all muscle (yay me). However, going forward in this journey, there will be much more cardio to get my weight sinking. I worked this dvd 4x’s a week for 3 weeks in the mornings and these are my final results! I hope I have inspired you to pick up this dvd here so you too can be DONKEYLICIOUS!

Use this workout dvd at your own discetion.

Please continue to follow my Fit Heiresses Journey for my tips, tricks , reviews, and before and after photos by subscribing (don’t worry, it’s absolutely freeeee!!!)

Thanks for reading and see ya soon!

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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