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4 Easy Tips On How to “GET IT DONE ANYWAY!”

Just yesterday, I dreaded working out. I mean, I made every single excuse I could to not workout: “I didn’t eat enough today;” “my stomach hurt;” “maybe tomorrow;” “I’m tired;” “why am I doing this again.” Does this sound like you? I stooped so low as to lay on the floor and try to convince myself that it just was not going to happen. But something inside of me would not let me give in. I started to reflect back on why I started my Fit Heiress Journey – not necessarily for weight loss, but to build my resilience and do the things I NEVER feel like doing even when my mind and body are telling me, “eh! tomorrow’s ok!” I mean, I absolutely HATE doing things I do not want to do, so I created this six month journey to break the habit. Internally, I was getting mad at myself for having heard the “tomorrow” lecture countless times before, and decided that there is only going to be one way to change this, and it starts now. Yesterday I was lucky, but I thought that perhaps you too could benefit from a few tricks that I use to bust through the, “I don’t wanna do it,” attitude.

Let Something or Someone Else Inspire You: There are many (very successful) people who have been where you are, and those people are a great example to follow. Pop open your laptop or light up your cell phone to others unique stories. You will always see the words, “never give up,” “I did it, you can too,” “it was so challenging, but it needed to be done.” Then there are others who are disabled and STILL make a way. Their story forces you to be grateful for what you are capable of doing and to move instantly. My favorites are the “before/after” photos. I get so encouraged by others posting their pictures and their taglines being, “it was a challenge but I did it anyway!” They’re absolutely right. Yes, it is a (tough mental) challenge but you must do it anyway; especially if you want to see those amazing results.

Just Show The Heck UP!!! I get so upset when I have to force myself to do anything I don’t want to do. Sometimes I even cry. But I’ve noticed, that MOST times when I just prepare myself to get the job done, I get it done. I tell myself, “ok, do it for twenty minutes and that’s it and you’re done!” Yea right, you will always end up going full-out. So throw on your clothes and drive to the gym or turn on that workout dvd at home. More than likely, you’re going to do it. Then all of a sudden, the negative energy that you spent nagging yourself away from the task will be released, and you will start to feel a nice wave of positive energy hovering over you – leaving you feeling accomplished and like a conqueror! Maybe even like Superman or Super…woman?

Speed it up! Ah yes, my favorite method of all time. I am a huge fan of workout dvd’s, but sometimes they can be a drag, and I may not have one full hour or even forty-five whole minutes to dedicate to the workout.  What I’ve gotten into the habit of doing is speeding up the dvd by 1.2 seconds, or sometimes 2 seconds. This method comes in extremely handy for time busting workouts. You do the moves at the same time, at your own pace and still get a burn and drops of sweat drizzling down your back. Then at the cool down, play the dvd at its normal pace to stretch the entire body. The stretch is the most important part of all of your workouts (f.y.i.). If you’re at the gym, do your movements a little faster than usual. Try to do every single movement with little rests in between and with a time limit; and remember, don’t cut it short on those stretches. We want you to show up for your workout tomorrow too!

BREAK AWAY!!! Take as many breaks as you like. Now, I know this method is contrary to the one above, but it definitely does help. Are you a mommy who has to keep her eyes on the kids, the food, and the clothes? Or are you not the fittest you wish to be but are working to get there? In between every circuit or transition put the dvd on pause. Use this time to scope out the scene, regain your composure, drink some water, dry the children off or turn off the veggies, and then get right back to your workout. I also love this method too. When you have time on your hands, but cannot work consistently through the workout for whatever the reasoning, take short breaks and hop right back in. This method is very commonly used at the gym, which is why some people “hang out” by the weights and machines for a of couple hours. Dear guys, sorry to inform you, but you have not gone unnoticed!

I felt like I had broken a huge barrier yesterday, and I know you can feel the same way. It is not easy doing the things we do not want to, but sometimes only we can do them. Try using one or all three of these easy methods and see which one you like the best. If you have a better way, please share in the comments below, because I am always open to learning different ways to break through my passive fitness attitude; and I’m pretty sure others are as well.

~Pernisha Gaines

Ps. It’s all Love.


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