I absolutely, positively HATED yams. You couldn’t get me to eat a single serving as a child. And don’t even think about forcing me to eat that mushy, cinnamon overload, nutmeg filled, baby food texture junk some people call, “Sweet Potato Pie.” Ugh! Ugh! UGGGHHH!!!! The number of times I’ve flushed that crap down the toilet or even trashed it (sorry grandma) is countless.


That one Thanksgiving Holiday that changed my life, and my entire perspective on food I disliked in general.  This particular batch of candied yams was to DIE for! It was stuffed with flavor, and cooked with love and perfection. I could taste every amount of effort living in each spoon full, and I loved it. Um!

My love hate relationship with yams has helped me identify, that when you add passion, heart, effort, countless epic fails, an overflow of love, and some patience, you will eventually create a mouth-watering, jaw dropping-ly delicious life! It’s not about what you DON’T like, but about dedicating time to discover what you truly enjoy.

I’m almost sure that the chef of my first set of tasty candied yams did not conquer such perfection on the first attempt; it probably took a few face cringes from a few guinea pigs until the recipe was just right. And that’s what life’s about!

There is no way to know what you truly desire until you dive in some mud to find the hidden treasures.

And don’t worry, a few face cringes will come naturally. Just rub the wrinkles out and keep going.


Yours Truly,


Ps. It’s all Love.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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