Ways Your Beau Is Your Weight Loss Enemy!!!

Ways Your Man Is Your Weight Loss Enemy!



Don’t think your better half is sabotaging your weight loss results, think again!

In an effort to get into the best shape ever, you may be battling staying consistent while Mr. Couch Potato butters you up to get cozy with him and catch your favorite dramas together. Sounds awesome don’t it? Personally, I love to be buttered up next to a warm and attractive man, indulging in veggie pizza, chomping on popcorn and ice-cream under the television. However, lying up with your beau is a major distraction and can actually do more harm than good. Speaking from experience, in a short matter of time, you risk gaining serious pounds within the first year of dating. When I finally got into my first real relationship as a teen going into my young adult years, I had unfortunately gained twenty pounds within nine months, and there was no infant in sight. I had gone from a size eight to a size fourteen and battled trying to get the weight off for six years after our split. Talk about damage control!!! I was his big “Oompa Loompa,” and he even gave me a fat name to confirm it, “Tele-Tummy.” That’s right, my new nickname was a remix to the famous child show, “Teletubbies,” how flipping cute!

Before you make some of the wrong fitness decisions in your relationship as I did, or if you already have, lets undo the damage before it gets any worse! Here are a few wrong choices I made, and many other people make, while getting close to your partner:

  • We always went out to eat. We dined anywhere we could afford and ate all the fatty foods.
  • We never cooked, and if we did I over ate out of comfort.
  • We partied hard on weekends, over indulging with food and drinks.
  • Our only workout together was sex, and because I was an amateur, it was no real workout for me.
  • We helped finish each other’s food.
  • We never made an effort to stay in shape with each other.
  • We were ok with my growing weight.
  • We thought it was a baby and didn’t mind the extra pounds.
  • We ate after sex and then fell fast asleep.
  • We ate whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.
  • We did more laying and sitting next to each other for long periods of time.
  • We ate when were mad, sad, angry and hungry.
  • He never encouraged me to get up off my behind and lose some weight.

If your beau almost never pushes you or actively encourages you to reach your fitness goals, perhaps you should reconsider your relationship. A healthy companion will always want their partner strong and happy and will hold their hands to help get them there. As a couple, you guys should be involved in at least one fitness activity together. You burn together, you earn together. You don’t necessarily have to be the hottest bods rolling around in the sand at the beach, but not wanting to take a trip to the beach in fear of not being able to fit or look great in your swimsuit is a true problem.

Some really cool activities your two can enjoy together are:

  • Yoga
  • Bike Riding
  • Jogging / Running
  • Hiking
  • Batting Cages
  • Sweat Pilates
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Intense sex
  • CrossFit
  • Wall Climbing
  • Tennis
  • Gym Budding

Get off of the couch and out of your comfort zones! Bust a sweat while enjoying each other’s company, staying sexy and fit for years to come!

Thanks for reading.

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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