AmAzInG Things I Love That Men Do!

8 AmAzInG Things I Love That Men Do!

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Dear men,

I know there are many women (and sometimes men) providing you with a guideline on how to look “cool,” “attractive,” or “gentlemen-like” around women. But for the first time, I’m not throwing any hints! I am simply and politely here to express the things that I (and some of my female friends also) love, that men do… or don’t!

I love, love, love- When a man opens all of my doors! I know- how many times will you hear this?!– But it’s true, I love it. It can make a woman feel as though she is present in a man’s mind and he knows how to consider others and not just himself.

I love, love, love- When a man orders my meals. Aside from the “him being in control” factor, I feel as though this is his special way of getting to know me, wanting to please and provide for me. There’s a sense of security to be felt.

I love, love, love- When he actively listens. I could be an attention whore (wouldn’t be the first I heard), but there’s something very soothing about when a guy stops in his tracks, looks me deep in the eyes, and pays attention to my words and my behavior. This type of listening approach can send subliminal messages to my brain to say, “I’m here for you / he’s here for me.” Again, another sense of security. Also, by doing so, he trains his mind to learn what emotion causes what actions.

I love, love, love- When he involves himself in my daily drama, helps me solve any problems, and/or, lightens up my mood. With this, I get a sense that he is concerned about my well-being, and that he actually cares if I’m happy and I’m at my best. Oh, and there’s nothing like a partner who can help you put out a few fires!

I love, love, love- When he loves and cares for himself. Ok, I think it’s just me on this one. There is something very special about a man who is: well-groomed, hydrated, cooks and eats nutritious foods often, open to learning new perspectives, cultures and wisdom, and is involved in some sort of sport or physical activity. I instantly feel that this man is interested in living the best life ever and enjoys not only life, but enjoys himself as well. He is confident in who he is and where his future lays.

I love, love, love- When he loves God silently. I enjoy the mystery of a man’s quiet relationship with God. He prays and praises quietly. He doesn’t NEED to shout to the mountains for everyone to hear ALL the time. In my mind, I’d like to believe that in order to get to know this man’s special bond with his God, a woman will have to be very-very close to him. That type of closeness will automatically confirm the relationship between her and him, and how sacred he will treat and treasure her.

I Love, love, love- When he is not always available, but uses creative ways to assure me that he is thinking about me. Love notes are great, but what really matters is that I’m the “special one” on his brain. And I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love a man to go the extra mile (and not just on Valentine’s Day).

I love, love, love- The way he works for his mother. It can be something as simple as putting socks on her crusty old toes. But it reminds me that should we grow old together, when I can’t reach my skanky rusted up feet anymore or I’m too tired to do so, he would do it for me. I think I just almost shed a tear.

I hope that I have provided a different perspective for some of you, or that I have inspired you to do something different from what you’re used to. It never hurts to make a habit out of going the extra mile! And trust me, I’ll be watching… MU-HAHAHAHAHA!

As always, thanks for reading. Share if you like.

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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