Make More Money $erving!

Quick TIP$ To Make More Money As A $erver

Bazayne Waitress

I love going out to eat! When I arrive at the restaurant scene, I’m (majority of the time) a little happy camper. I almost never create a spending budget for my coming meal. Unfortunately, the happier or more excited I am, the more I am willing to spend. However, I am no easy over indulger. As soon as I walk in the doors and get a quick high off the mouthwatering seasonings floating in the air, I am also beginning to judge exactly how much money I will leave for a tip. I’ve become so pro at this I do it without even noticing sometimes, but it helps- and may also help you! I start all my servers off with $5 regardless of how much I intend to spend. Based on my experience, this amount can increase (which I never mind), or decrease, which it often does. From customer to server, here are a few quick tips to keep your tip-tab increasing.

Greet Me Immediately– Sounds simple doesn’t it? But it doesn’t always exist. From hostess to waitress, I’ve waited up to 15-WHOLE minutes before being spoken to. At this point I have chosen to do one of three things: complain, walk out and never return or forget the tip all together.

Don’t Keep Me Waiting– If you’re busy bussing tables, swing by, introduce yourself and already have the waters with you. Again, simple isn’t it? Well unfortunately, it’s a common failure. Providing your guest with water is a very traditional hospitable courtesy. Also, if you’re THAT busy, always accommodate your guests with “patient food.” This “wait” food can be anything from chips and salsa, dip and chips, chips or a very small soup and salad.

Make Eye Contact– If you can’t look me in the eye, I DO NOT trust you with my food… sorry! You have just lost a huge chunk of your potential tip. There’s almost never any bouncing back from this- unless you’re having a rough day and come back to the table to apologize, which no server EVER does.

Know The Menu– It really speeds up time to be somewhat knowledgeable about the menu and what’s in most of the entrées. If you don’t have a single clue (for whatever reason), ask someone your trust for their personal opinion- this can be a guest after they’ve eaten it, or an employee or manager.

Inspect The Food– On a nice amount of occasions, my food has come with hair, extra toothpicks, order numbers, and ingredients I did not order. I know you’re in a hot rush, but two seconds could save you time, money and a very embarrassing complaint!

Smile– Just a little. If I’m having a great time and I’m in a spending mood, I don’t want to sense your sadness. If you’re really that pressed, STAY HOME! No server should ever serve while they are upset, unhappy or sad. It really does affect your tip and my overall perspective of the business. I did not say “fake a smile” neither, -$1.

Check For Perfection– Swing by my table to fill my water, drop off extra napkins and to make sure my food it perfect! The more you care, the more you’re paid.

Ask For Dessert– I love dessert and most times if you persuade me to it, I will buy it when I don’t want to.

Anything Else? Perfect way to close the tab before bringing the tab. This agitates me so. Do not bring me the tab if you have not asked me if I would like anything else. Sometimes I might want to order something to go! I always think this close-out method is very rude; and the worse you can do is rush me out after you’ve fed me. Can I have at least ten minutes to bask in the deliciousness!

Where Are You? Where do you all go after you’ve taken my money and/or ATM/Credit Card? I am unclear of what the policy is, but once I hand you my payment, I expect my change or card back IMMEDIATELY! If you are gone longer than five minutes, I am left to assume you are being shady, which some of you have been, and will start seeking you out like a mad woman!

Did I only come in to order a $3 dessert and left you a $5 tip? You must have been serving very well and remembers what it’s like to be on the opposite end of the stick!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope I’ve helped put more money in your pocket at the end of your shift!

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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