“DANCE! Don’t Hold The Wall!”



Dance, don’t hold the wall…

Some songs just can never be loud enough! When the beat gets in you, that’s all you want to hear and feel – well at least that’s what happens when the beat gets in me!

When I was much younger than I am today, all I ever wanted to do was dance. It’s all I knew; it’s all I ever saw; it’s all that ever excited me as a child. I danced anytime, anywhere – at school, at church, at work, in my bedroom, in the shower, the living room, at my relatives’ houses and of course at all the birthday parties. Lord knows I could not wait until the dance competition – I was always shy, but I was always a winner. Unfortunately, I had come to a place of weakness.  I was unable to fight for my talent, my passion. As I type these ridiculously life changing words, I recall that night like it was just last night. “What! You want to be a dancer, a singer, a producer, an actor?! Those are all endless dreams! You need to make real money! How are you going to survive?!” ~Anonymous; but you can guess by the tone which figure of being that was, and it definitely was not me. Physically, my body did not believe the words, but my mind had already started rerouting my compass. I’m sure internally (in that moment) I did not know “how” I was going to “survive” and be successful. I did not have a blueprint and did not know how to make one. But what I do know is that if my support system was strong enough (in the times when I did indeed doubted myself) they would have encouraged me, help master my blueprint for success and told me to follow my heart.

Today, I would like to be your support system; and just in case I’m not clear enough, I’m telling you to follow your heart – even if you give it just 15 minutes of your life every day. Regardless of what anyone ever says; of the many doubts you will get; of the many relationships you will lose; of the life altering decisions you will have to make alone; of the many people that will tell you ‘no’; of the moments you wish you had not; of the moments when you are at your weakest; of the moments when it’s just you and you’re decision; be firm and follow your heart. No matter where you are in your life, the only person telling you ‘no’ is you. The only reason you are not where your heart desires to be is because you keep doubting yourself and resisting what you have already known you wanted. Some gifts just live in us and can’t be avoided; consequently, ignoring them will lead to unhappiness and emptiness. Don’t keep allowing that hole to grow so deep that you fall in it and forget what is true to you. I have seen this happen to many people around me, and especially in the corporate world. Not EVERYBODY wants to sit behind a desk and answer nasty phone calls and take abuse from “customers”. I have seen potential business owners, travelers, entertainers, artists, full-time mommies, bankers and entrepreneurs all watch their dreams drift from them. They let all their doubts turn them into living, breathing zombies and robots – so lifeless. Don’t throw yourself in a box with the rest of the crowd.

What is for you already lives within you. Develop it. Develop your true self. It needs you. You need you. The entire world “needs that special gift that only you have!” ~Marie Forleo.

So, “Dance, don’t hold the wall!” ~Timberland.

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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