BIG Ain’t Always IN!

Big Ain't Always In PM

BIG Ain’t Always In!

I’m pretty sure most men wouldn’t have to dig too deep to find this statement fairly true. But who’s going to put their pride aside and talk about it?! Me… a woman… who actually might not mind an “average sized” penis on a regular and everyday basis! By now, we should all know what the average sausage looks like, and if you don’t, the new national average is 5.6 inches long; to get more clarity on what this looks like, grab your remote and a measuring tape to compare. ALMOST 6 INCHES!!! WHAT AN OUTRAGE! Some might assume this is too small; others will find this too big! Fortunately, 6 inches is perfect for a pleaser. A pleaser is someone who is willing to do absolutely anything and will try ALL things in or out of the bedroom! A pleasure will always go above and beyond if she has the appropriate fit. Here’s why –

I’ve been talking about it very often lately, so you know it’s quite important…

Oral sex is a no-brainer! Us ladies don’t have to work hard to get the hot link up and ready. I call it, the “poppable penis.” The size of it is so convenient you can pop it in your mouth and devour it at any given moment. You don’t get this luxury when you’re working with a larger penis. Why? A guy that I used to date looooooong ago (pun / no pun intended), “thang” was  SO BIG, he had to unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants and pull his briefs down until they almost touched his knees. He had an “elephant penis” because it was BIG AS HELL, but the process it took to get to it was way too slow. Let’s assume we’re in a movie theater and my head just so happens to fall on his lap, no bueno! I’m sure security would intervene before I even got to at least SEE his national treasure. However, if he were a little less endowed – unzip and walla! Not only is a smaller size convenient for a night at the theater, it is also easier to please. I have some female friends who seem to be a bit concerned about getting the penis down their throat how their men like it. Welp, this happens to NEVER be an issue with a smaller banana. Speaking of banana, it’s so delicate on the tonsils, men automatically assume us ladies are some kind of pro; or at least that’s how we feel! We can enjoy the task with little effort, and it becomes so natural it’s like we’ve been doing it all our lives! Oh, and we don’t even need to use hands!

And though we know guys preach about using “no hands,” that’s no fun in the sun.

How can one be spontaneous and caress the dingles at the beach if the branch of them is IN THE WAY!!!! I’ve heard many men say they want sexual spontaneity on the sand, in the car, at the restaurant, at the family get-together in the wash room and then some. But how can the pleaser excite their partner if the penis has to stay wrapped up like a burrito to prevent it from falling out of place and being readjusted and, ugh! Non sense! A woman should be able to touch, grab and stroke it at any given moment – well, unprompted women anyway.

Oh yea, speaking of unprompted…

You know those rare moments when you’re on the phone with each other, getting it all hot and ready and steaming it up? During the conversation, you guys might ask each other, “how do you like it?” or, “tell me where you want it.” Ummhmm, I know you know what I’m talking about ya little nasties! She might “accidentally” slip and say something about the rear, you know, in the butt. After the conversation, you guys meet and go at it. I’m talking about clothes ripping, can’t make it to the bed sex! Then, because he paid close attention to her needs over the phone, he will (more than likely) aim for the backdoor. This is perfect if the size is right. If it’s not, us ladies will definitely pay the price. Men, can you imagine the remote to your new 50 inch flat screen TV digging into your anus? I personally don’t know too many women who enjoy that either. If she told you she does, she’s probably doing it just to please you. However, a smaller penis, say a 4-5- or 6 inch, is much more realistic and much safer assuming the girth is between 1 to 1.5 inches. And safety should be a main concern not only for the behind, but for the vagina as well. When the “ruler” is too long, it can actually cause internal damage on the cervix. Not all of us ladies bask in those moments when the penis is “slaying” the bladder, OUCH!!! And some of you wonder why you have weak bladders or can’t hold babies to term. Sometimes it has everything to do with that “big stick” dipping into places he don’t need to be going. Stay safe and keep that penis in its space!

*Bonus: Ladies, just as gulping down large amounts of fluid and foods lets air into the stomach and causes belly bloat, a penis does just the same!

Now, I’m not trying to say all the ladies should run out and get them a “Vienna Sausage.” But ladies, if you truly want more flexibility with the penis, reconsider working with a smaller one. Like I tell all of my mature female friends, “small penises are great to perfect your sexual skills.” Think of it as your first car – you can make a few mistakes learning to navigate until you get to “bigger and better.” Or perhaps if it’s reliable, convenient and has longevity, it might be worth keeping around for a while.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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