Caution: May Be HOT!


Make It HOT!

Of course summer is right around corner, and no doubt it’s going to get hot, wet and steamy! But is your life lacking this kind of heat? If so, it might be time to spice some things up and make it hot! Try these awesome suggestions and create a blaze!

Burn Off That Fat: What better way to look and feel great than a sweaty body transforming workout? There isn’t! Join your local gym or use Groupon to retrieve amazing deals from your local businesses. When it comes to my fitness ventures, I always use Groupon. I also visit nearby boutique gyms and check for free day-passes to experience their facility. Keep it fun, saucy and sexy by burning some fat and turning heads in that hot red dress!

Heat In The Sheets: If you’ve got yourself a partner you truly trust and are committed to, blow their brains out, literally. Start every morning with a quickie and not only watch your relationship improve, but be sure to visit the mirror for that radiant smile and those melted extra pounds. Not only does love making releases endorphins’ and creates happiness, it also boosts your confidence. So consider your morning passion your morning coffee – and who doesn’t like coffee?! Lastly, while you’re going at it, try new sexual positions as much as possible. I did say “spice” right? That means, leave all of your “normal” sex out of the picture!

Hot In The Sun: We can all become restless working long hours; why not give yourself something to look forward to? And who said you have to spend BIG bucks for a small getaway? If you look closely, there might be plenty of day trips in your backyard! Take a 2-4 hour drive away from home to a winery, a vibrant city or nice waterfall that has a decent meal nearby. Or, pack your lunch and get sun-kissed on a new (or nude) beach or at a festive event. Be sure to take a few flicks and design your own photo album later!

Spice Up Your Room: That’s right! Throw out anything that you’ve worn or used countless times and replace it with something more sexy and sassy. Donate your old clothes, shoes, comforter set and visit a suburban thrift shop or Salvation Army and do an intensive swap. Every time I visit my local thrift store, I always walk away with a few dresses without spending more than $20! What a bargain!! Speaking of bargain, NEVER EVER pass by a garage sale. Most times, they will have exactly what you need and are looking for at a very low cost. Sometimes they will throw in a few items for free! What better way to get rid of old clutter, right?!

Warm-Up Your Home: You should be exhausted of sleeping in the same space, staring at the same wall when cooking or using your laptop with the sun beaming down your back. Well get up and get to work. Relocate your bed, couch, TV and if you can, the refrigerator. Challenge your mind and organize your environment. Oh, and while you’re moving your life around, spice up the walls by adding a touch of color with paint, wall paper or a unique wall art! Make your living space attractive and an instant reflection of your unique personality!

Those are just a few tips, but feel free to add some suggestions in the comments below or send a picture of what you’ve done to spice up your life!

As always, thanks for reading!

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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