4 Vital Weight Loss HABITS

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HANDS DOWN! These are the most important weight loss habits to take very seriously, and let no one tell you different. During my 84lbs weight loss, I made my best effort NOT to neglect these vital steps – to ensure my weight change. Most people will make their biggest mistakes by not incorporating these small changes on a consistent basis. You’ve probably heard them a billion times plus, but because I believe in them so much, I’m going to tell you again!

DRINK WATER: You should be drinking anywhere from 3-liters to 1 gallon of water EVERY SINGLE DAY (EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS). It flushes out salt, decreases belly bloat, repair the inside and outside of the body, and keeps your body from sagging while losing massive pounds. If water does not agree with your taste buds, it’s for two reasons – your tongue has been hijacked by tons of salt or sugar, or you haven’t tasted the right one. Go water tasting by picking up all the different waters from your local grocer and sip on each of them and learn the different tastes and textures. Find the perfect fit, but whatever you do, DO NOT SKIP THIS HABIT!

DO NOT EAT BEFORE BED: You SHOULD NOT be eating any heavy carbs before bed. If you must eat, it is ok to have a glass of milk (I prefer soy milk), lemon water, any water-soluble vegetable like spinach, carrots or heirloom tomatoes. Unused carbs will turn into fat and store itself in your body for later. Unless you plan to jog and sleep at the same time, do not eat 3 hours before bed. I generally try not to eat 3.5 hours before I call it a night, depending on how active I am. However, if you plan on keeping it saucy by putting in major work in the bedroom, a few gluten-free multi-grain crackers and a glass of milk will work!

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CLOCK 8HRS OF SLEEP: I’m so sick of hearing people’s raggedy excuses about how they can’t get enough sleep because they have too many responsibilities. If you didn’t know, your entire body operates according to how much rest you receive. Just like water, sleep repairs and heals the body. The blemishes on your face, the bags under your eyes, the bruise that is taking forever to heal, the extra pound you gained, the wrinkles, the sore knees and etc, are ALL a reflection of how productive your sleep habits are. Your body performs at its best when it consistently gets its rest. DO NOT SKIP THIS HABIT!

BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE: Grab a partner – from a workout DVD, from work, from your relationship, from your family and lose weight at the same time. Be a rock for each other. You are more likely to work-out if you have an awesome partner to hold you accountable. Your weight loss is 10% physical. Therefore, at the very minimal, you should workout 10% of your week or as a regular habit. That means a 10 minute workout every single day! Many people will think this is unproductive, but it is the most realistic and attainable. Let’s do some mental math – are you more inclined to work out for 10 minutes every single day of your entire life, or 30 minutes to an hour every single day of your entire life? Many of us beat ourselves up for the hour workout we missed, but we totally avoid the 10 minutes we have right now!

If you really want to lose weight or live a much healthier lifestyle, do not neglect these simple habits. Of the many people I have provided weight loss advice to, they were ALL lacking these four easy habits. Let me repeat, HABITS!! These are habits to make and take with you for all eternity. These habits are not only for weight loss, but for the people who want to live longer and more active lifestyles; for the people who want to be there to see their children have children and take part in family activities.

Which habits are you lacking, and what do you plan to do to improve them?

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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