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I’m sure I don’t have to remind you summer is about to take over. That means, hotness, sexiness and adventure is in the cards. However, if the heat in your life hasn’t already been ablaze, maybe it’s time to drop the old beaus and burn it up some new eye-candy! Of course, I’m always looking out for your best interest; so follow the thread while I teach you common methods of how I drop them and replace them!

I used to preach that, “I get bored easily,” that’s now completely untrue. The reality is, after while some people will become lazy or distant if they aren’t interested – myself included! To avoid the extra loitering in my life, I simply stop answering their calls and delete their texts before I read them. Hey I’m a woman; we’re nosey and like to read things! So before they reel me in, excite my senses and bore me down, I ignore them. The ignore method is very useful for relationships in the beginning stages – for example: you’ve never been on a date, was slightly disrespected or the first conversation was a piece of garbage. No one’s first conversation should be senseless; it’s the easiest believe it or not. There are many questions to ask when you GENUINELY want to get to know someone.

When things start to heat up between us, I become more honest and tell them how I really feel. If they confess that they don’t have the same goal that I do (perhaps want a relationship, just want to date, be friends etc.), I linger for a couple of months to see if there will be a change. Most times, my cute little feelings will grow stronger and I become very protective of them. That’s usually the time when I update them by letting them know I can’t continue on with what we’ve been doing. This is my favorite exit strategy because there’s closure and clarity – things women love the most!

If I ever become obsessed with a guy (because of his massive sex appeal, masculinity and ton of confidence), and it’s time for me to let him go, I block his entire life. Most times, this doesn’t mean I wanted to be in a relationship with him. However, most times I block-out men who are like warm home-baked chocolate chip cookies. You know, the really mouth-watering men, but extremely unhealthy for you. Perhaps you have too; but I have reasoned and rhymed with every passing thought in my head to keep them around. Unfortunately, the longer they’re around, the more damage I do to my emotions. But who doesn’t like a warm chocolate chip cookie?

Anytime I have to get rid of a guy, I naturally make plans to go out with friends. Maybe I’ve locked in this method from TV when I was younger. But, what better way to replace them than going out to where many of them are?! OH YEAH!! This is a bittersweet moment. I love the idea of looking my best and parading around in high heels, but if the crowd is unworthy then I have partially wasted my time – and I will be forced to repeat this method until I connect with the “perfect” candidate.

Because I am severely harassed by men when I go to nightclubs or lounges, I make BIG plans to get out and explore the city! I often take trips to places that I’ve never been but will have things I like. I check out restaurants because I’m infatuated by food. I go hiking to keep fit and scope out the scenery. Or, I’d spend a day at a beach reading a book or playing in the water! I do the absolute things I love! And most times, while I’m in transit, I catch someone’s eye and vice versa.

Now that you’re clear on what I do to drop them and replace them, I dare you to use one of my methods and wait for the results. Or if you have your own tricks you would like to share, let me see them in the comments below. And if you say, “well, I don’t want to replace them, I want more excitement with them!” Subscribe and stay tuned, and I will show you how to turn the heat all the way up!

As always, thanks for reading!

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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