Tastes Like Candy!

Pernisha G.

You know you wanna taste! For us ladies, it can be quite the challenge for us to keep the nana tasting and smelling like perfection. Seriously! We‘re moving about all day at work, with the children, in our fitness classes and picking up groceries – or even just sitting. Our ladies part can tend to trap moisture if we don’t cool it down every once in a while. You know me! Of course, I’ve got a few ways to keep it fresh, odorless and ready to play! We do want to make the best out of this summer, right?

Lace It Up. Think about it ladies. Contrary to popular belief, cotton is actually the culprit. Umhm! All these health magazines actually have us believing that wearing cotton underwear will keep us nice and dry. Yes, it does absorb moisture very well, but where does it sit until you remove it? That’s right, between your legs – and we know the more moisture, the more prone we are to yeast infections. However, any panty that will allow your lady area to stay cool and dry, like lace, shear or even commando will keep the vagina  moisture-less and fresh.

Go Commando. Why must we wear so many layers of clothing? The more heat our bodies accumulate, the hotter we will be in private areas. That means more sweat; and salt with moisture causes an odor. This odor isn’t always noticeable, but if it’s been hot all day, it’s time for some refreshing. Get in the habit of wearing longer dresses. They provide the flexibility of bending over, running and walking without the dress rising. Can you feel the breeeeeze? maxi-dress-3 dbeststyle

Clean Up Mess Ups. Clean up what you mess up! Mother or father has embedded that saying in our heads over the years, and how can we forget – it still holds very true! After you workout, shower. After sexy, bathe. After a long day at work, shower. After running around town… BATHE! Keep your private parts as clean as possible. Trust me, your man will thank you for it – and he might even love you a little more, if you know what I mean. The same way we don’t like sweaty balls (ew), is the same way he doesn’t like a sweaty hairy! Keep it clean as much as possible. Also, anytime you visit the restroom is your golden opportunity to tune-up that engine!

clean%20eating fitwithwendyEat Clean. Remember this, whatever we put IN our bodies, must go OUT some way somehow. So try to indulge in as many nutritional items as possible. Some say, “what you eat your vagina will taste like.” I believe, the more water you drink, the less there will be a taste. Whichever you decide to do, (and hopefully it’s both), your ‘gina will love you for it. Be sure to incorporate more fruits and veggies (and water) in your meal plans. Of course you might lose a couple of pounds, but your vagina will be excited to get some extra breathing room as well! “Haaaaaa”, say the cat

We know you’re hot. We know he likes it wet. But keep it clean and fresh without any messes!

Until, next time!


~Pernisha G.


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