RTR FTL Pernisha PM

Are you tired of waiting until tomorrow to start your fitness journey? I know that it can be a little overwhelming to just jump right in. I mean after all, you don’t just jump right into a marriage; because that’s what fitness is – a committed. A proper way to commit to doing anything consistently is to take baby steps. Sometimes, we can become so impatient that the smallest steps are seen as setbacks. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not true. DO NOT just dive right in! Take your time, and try these very simple and easy workouts that’s have major potential to help you lose weight, get your heart rate pumping faster and burn serious calories. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard them spoken about constantly, but they will never get old. Actually, they might even be the safest workout for your joints and muscles!

Cookinglight.comWalk. Walk anywhere and everywhere. Walk to the post office. Walk to the grocery store and come home with a few bags. Walk around the block. Walk your children to school. Walk to the mall – something I used to do a lot of. Walk to work –also, something I made a habit of. Walk your butt off. Walking can take up some time, so throw on your headphones and listen to your favorite jam, financial guru or meditative hymns. It’s really that easy and simple. Avoid the temptation of driving or catching rides with friends by mapping how long your walk should take. Google Maps will give you the low-down on this information. Walking has helped me reduce my stress levels, and has given me a sense of peace and serenity after a nice bath or shower … Just walk.

theguardian.comDance. Don’t want to go anywhere? Pick your favorite song, blast it until the cops come knocking and dance. Pop it, lock it, rotate it, drop it, chop it and whined it. Your moves, your call! Dance like it’s the last day you will have a set of legs. Shake it like you want to break it. Get down and go to boogie town. Dance like someone just handed you $50,000,000,000 and it’s all tax-free! If there are people in your house, tell them you are about workout and that you do not want to be disturbed. Grab some cold water, a towel, the speaker, close the door, lock it and pump it! When you’re done, shower off all that steam and approach the rest of your day.  Many people say dance it NOT a workout, but they still can’t explain why so many dancers have marvelous bodies. I know why, because they want you to waste your valuable money at the gym doing the same routines over and over again. Keep your mula in your bank account and DANCE OUT LOUD!

cleaningdolls.comClean. I know… this is not quite obvious. But cleaning also helps burn major calories. It’s another easy form of cardio with some strength training. When I needed a good sweat, I would close all the windows, blast the heater and oven, and deep clean a section of the house. I’d have sweat dripping from everywhere while bending, scrubbing, lifting, sweeping, mopping and wiping. I love a clean house, so why not use it to drop some pounds. Get in the habit of deep-cleaning a portion of your home in heat every weekend. Look forward to toned arms and legs, inches off your waist and a very clean and presentable home!


Personally, I love intense moves and a heart pumping workout, but I did not start there. I started with the simplest movements almost anyone can do… and don’t. I walked, danced, cleaned and it all contributed to a fitter lifestyle.

Aside from those listed, are there any easy workouts you’re using to stay looking and feeling your best?

~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.



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