Dare To Not Eat!

Black Bean Sweet Potato Soup

Black Bean Sweet Potato Soup

The top and most debatable argument between vegans / vegetarians and meat eaters is that vegan / vegetarians are eating all of the animal’s food; which leave the animals starving; which gives people the right to eat a starving animal.  We vegetarians are eating all of the plants, seeds, nuts and greens.” Hmm. What an interesting assumption to make. Of course I disagree, so I’m going to give you my extreme perspective of how there is enough healthier food options to go around WITHOUT eating meat. These points are based off of my intuition and research. If you dare enlightening yourself, there are many books on the subject at amazon.com. See book references below.

  • Regardless of what the media and government is scaring into you, there ARE enough fruits, veggies, legumes, beans, seeds, and greens for everyone!
  • Speaking of greens, if we would all be more environmentally friendly, there would be more trees, more fruits, more clean soil for produce like spinach, lettuces and the familiars.
  • Non vegan or vegetarian consumers eat more animals, their by-products, and their “food,” which in reality makes them greedy… like all the rest of America I guess.
  •  There would be far less animal abuse, bloodshed, slaughter houses and gluten factories (where they slaughter the horses), if we all ate more vegetarian meals in a day.
  • I don’t know an animal that eats a ton of fruit, a ton of (or a variety of) produce, tempeh, soy beans and nuts, rice, pasta, organic oatmeal, cereal, plant-based protein shakes and the like – which means, there are enough healthier options to consume – and, even if there was little produce and it was conserved for the animals, there are still many other food options to explore. Until the day a cow tries to rob a human of their gluten-free, organic veggie pasta dish, and makes a serious attack on their life for it, we all know who the real thieves are.
  • I could make another point here, but I’ll leave that homework up to someone who wants to be open minded and show some consideration. Google might be a more convenient place to start.

No animal we eat ever said… “LET’S EAT A HUMAN BABY!” Or have been caught trying to eat, or devour, or cook, or slaughter a human baby, or fully grown human in general.

I guess I’m trying to make sense out of an ignorant statement.

Also, NO amount of eating grass and seeds (since that’s all we eat), compares to the harmful doings of  any animal for consummation, and to the diseases we create in our bodies eating them.

Oh lastly, maybe someone can help me understand this one day; Why do Americans eat more trainable animals than they eat lions, tigers, bears, snakes, alligators, sharks and any other untamable animal? Easy to come by? Easy to harm? Easy to enslave? Easy to kill? Easy to encage? Don’t fight back? Why do we consume the “loveable” animals, faster than the “vicious” animal? Hmph! Reminds me of something… so would I be considered an “endangered species,” if I fought back, went against the grain, stuck out from the rest, fought for what is mine, broke all the rules, or had chosen to follow my own system and beliefs? Which is why I often get ridiculed for being a vegetarian? Hmm…

Books to references:

Fat Flush by Anne Louise Gittleman

By Any Greens Necessary by Tracye Lynn McQuirter

Vegan For Life by Jack Norris


Open your mind; explore your options. ~Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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