Gone Head & Make It JUMP!!


Alright… DON’T JUDGE ME!!

I think it’s finally time that I thoroughly express how I really feel about this song.

As soon as the song comes on there is no surprise – it hops right into it. Initially, one might think, “oh, just another song with a nice beat and melody,” but the song is SO MUCH MORE – to me anyway.

Derek spends no time getting straight into the first verse and right to the point. Honestly, the beat is orchestrated so well that I don’t even here the lyrics until he says, “I think I might be catching feelings, with the way that you move it, make it jump…


I’m going to be straight up honest. This is an emotional track. One minute Derek sounds confident and ready to “take it to the club.” The complete next moment he starts begging and all the panties in the room just drop. Whining and smooth talking is definitely his strong point. I feel bad for whoever raised this little cutie-pie.

But back to the track…

At this time, he continues to whine, and the beat is giving you all sorts of melodic turns and surprises.

And while the song continues to play, I feel something serious in my spirit – never minding the “gone head and make the booty jump” part. I feel the most encouraged in my life. I have not felt this way about a song in a while. Even though I instantly start twerking when the song comes on, “jump” presents itself in many other forms than “booty jumping.” I have experienced this song while feeling crappy, frustrated, closed in, aroused, and no matter my mood it excites me. One time I tried to stay mad and not play the song. Needless to say I gave in and my entire perspective changed instantly.

When Derek says, “gone miggity make it, jump jump,” I am inspired to do that just that, physically and mentally. I sense that I can conquer and strive. I feel like being more ambitious. I feel like I am that financial guru I want to be. I feel I can always overcome. I feel nothing f*cking matters and my spirit can’t be torn down. I feel I do have that million-dollar figure I strive for. I feel all of my goals and aspirations are not so far away. I feel that, if I just jump, everything I seek is right there in reach! Today, I didn’t want to leave the house, but when I did, I played “jump” and immediately I felt rejuvenated, re-energized and refreshed. I hadn’t recognized that I was in a slump until Derek started whispering and whining in my ear.

This song has gotten plenty of shares from me, but I must re-share it. It does wonders for me so I know it can definitely do the same for someone else.


Thanks Derek King, Kirko Bangz and Sage The Gemini for contributing! I love you for this!

Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.

What song currently helps you overcome and feel on top and at your best?!


What Are Your Thoughts?

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