Being A Blessing, Brings You Blessings


I have been jobless most of this year. I took a leap of faith, left my job and never looked back. There are plenty of times I ask (not worry), but question how I am going to survive for so long without regular means of income. I ended up homeless and almost helpless, but I still kept my faith. Fortunately, my intuition keeps assuring me that everything will be fine.


Since I left my job, I have been blessed with over $1700 to live, eat and be responsible for anything I felt necessary. I’ve done something I have never really done before – place myself in a position to increase my faith, release fear and ask for help from the people around me – family and friends. If I must be honest, it has NOT been the easiest journey thus far, but I feel in my heart that where I am heading is so much bigger than I can explain at this time. Also, I think it’s so much easier to be “normal” and do what “regular” people do. I want to do something different from what I’m used to seeing and I am proud for having the courage to be as brave – even when I have mostly everyone against my decisions.


At any moment I can be homeless and penniless. However, I have still managed to give to others that are in need even though I am in need myself. I pleasantly bless those less fortunate than I am with money or food when and where I can. And because of this, God’s blessings continue to overflow in my life. I have a roof over my head, food to eat and a couple of people who genuinely care about my well-being, and for that I am forever grateful. I have been blessed with free services, education, company and transportation, all unexpectedly. I’m pretty sure there are a few other things I might be forgetting.


I might not be where I want to be or am expected to, but I have no need to complain. I have learned to not worry about the “what if’s” and to focus more on the “what can” and “what will” I do; and, I am constantly forced to be creative and conjure up ways to provide for myself (with or without help). I do believe this is the true meaning of self-sufficiency: making way out of no way, but allowing a way to be made – f.y.i., I said “A” way, not “MY” way. There is a saying that goes, “When you move, God moves,” and I can definitely attest to that!


If ever you feel that whatever you have or do is just not enough (to satisfy you), trust me it is. Be consistent, and be a blessing to those around you even when you feel the attention should be yours. For it is true, the more you give, the more you shall receive, even when there is nothing to give.


Being a blessing will bring you blessings. ~Pernisha


Have you been a blessing lately? I want to know how and what were your challenges doing so.


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