Pernisha Defines Beauty


Beauty is confidence. It is knowing who you are, where you are and owning it. It is owning yourself; knowing what you are capable of or not, and taking responsibility for it.

Beauty is elegance. It is not loud or even bold for that matter. It is simply letting one be who they are in whichever place they are and accepting them for that of which is them.

Beauty is silent. It is living and breathing life like a human being. It doesn’t need to be touched, or tampered, or played with. It is beautiful just by being what it is and by living in it’s own exclusiveness.

Beauty is untamable. It will shine and overcome anything or anyone who has concealed it. It will be seen and heard even when no one wants to admit it. Beauty breaks through unintentionally.

You know what beauty is. You know what your beauty is. You know what makes you who are and what you should be and look like in the morning. That is your beauty. There is no real reason to hide it; to fake as though you do not exist when in reality it is your distinctive being the world seeks.

You are matchless. There is no need to suppress what is living inside, because no one can compare, even when others make you seem replaceable or fixable. There is no substituting of you because there is only one. There can never be another you and that alone is a beautiful thing.

So again I ask you. My darling, sweet essence of treasurable uniqueness. What is your beautiful?

May I see it?

Pernisha G.


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