I must admit, I have had my fair share of online dating, and it definitely isn’t as easy as one would hope. Same as meeting people in the public eye, it comes with it’s own challenges. However, like your mother said, (or grandmother in my case), “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” So if you’re single and want to do more than plain ole mingle, online dating can be a fun option to put in the mix. But before you get started, I am going to give you the do’s and don’t when creating your profile and while dating your potential lifelong romance.

The Name Game is a tough one. Most of the “great” ones might be taken, but the unique and organic names are not! Your name should resemble the type of person you want to attract. Are you going for a classy partner, a sexy partner or a sci-fi nerd? Hey, your call, I won’t judge. But, be sure to meet your own standard while making the name. For example, let’s say I want more sex than dates, so I attempt the name “Sweet Peaches.” What comes to your mind when you think of the words sweet and peaches: fruit, tasty, kind, delicious, tasty, Fergie, “Fergilicious definition makes the boys go loco”! I think we’ve found the perfect name for sexual encounters. Unless you only want sex, never use a name that can be turned into sexual context… EVER! You will rid yourself of a lot of headache this way. Oh, how about “Mr. Steel“? Lets see: tough, strong, hard to get through, hard to get to, hard, solid, solid as a rock? Again, not only can this be flipped around (no pun intended), you also make yourself sound like a “hard-ass,” and who wants to date someone with a heart or mind of steel. No, no! We want openness. Got it?! Here are three great names to mimic, “The Love Editor,” “Rare Find,” or “Open Hearted Henry.” Cheesy? I know, but you get my drift!

Now that that’s out of the way, whew! When deciding on a “Tag Line,” use the meaning of your “name” to help form a statement. Let’s use, “Open Hearted Henry,” for example. Your tag line might sound something like, “ready for more than casual dating.” BOOM! Just made all the panties drop!


Make yourself SEEN! We all know attraction plays the first role when getting to know someone. So look your best in every single photo you attach to your profile. However, this does not mean look like a beauty pageant or a Prince Charming. That’s what fake Hollywood is for! Upload clear and concise photos of yourself – the better quality of the photo, the more messages you’ll receive. Speaking of, you should have at least FOUR decent photos of yourself in different settings. Be the person you want to attract in your photos. If you are interested in social settings or fitness ventures, there should definitely be a photo of you in a social or fitness setting. This is a great technique to help filter out the users who do not meet your standards nor share the same interests as you do.

Taylor that BIO! Again, you want yourself to be seen, but by the RIGHT PEOPLE. Use the bio section to give quick details about yourself that you want from the person reading. For example, if you are a chill guy/lady looking for a chill guy or lady, say that. Or, if you love making money, explain your ideas with it. Do you have future plans to buy a big house, travel the world or splurge on unique restaurants? Express that. While you’re writing, be sure to use key words like “cater,” “respect,” or “spontaneous” to trigger some senses. Use keys words to talk about yourself to help attract your soul mate! A great way to do this is to jot down a few qualities you want in someone else and write a sentence using those words describing yourself! Here’s a great example, let’s use the word confident: I am new to online dating, but I am confident enough to believe I will meet a genuine friend. Three great words here: new, confident, genuine; also means, fresh, self-assured and honest. Welp, you’ve already sparked my senses! You can thank me later for the English 101.


Be… YOURSELF!!! There is no need to be anyone else. Trust me, if us ladies wanted ballers, we’d be sitting on the basketball courts. Or, if men wanted a princess, they would be at their local Louis Vuitton store. Just be you. Yea, sure the pressure is on, but better to weed out those that you’re not compatible with versus those who are. This is a BIG TIME WASTER! Let’s assume you’re craving quality time on weekends and courtship. Hypothetically speaking, you find yourself on a date with overexerted Thomas, knowing he likes to party on Saturdays’ after working long weeks and don’t eat sweets to spoil his physique. On the other hand, Alan, who you decided to blow off for “hot-bod” Thomas, laughs at your jokes, and eats cookie dough while massaging your feet and watching action movies! But you wouldn’t know that, because you’re on a date with the “jerk” who doesn’t even like ice-cream, being at home or opening up a car door.  Don’t lie about what you are after. Be honest about your needs and you will open the door for someone who is seeking you own uniqueness.

I know, “love is a battlefield,” but it’s definitely is worth it!

Do you think you’ve met the “perfect” person? Let me help you be sure by using what I call, the “Green Light” method, in Lesson #2.

Are you tempted to try online dating? If you’re already a pro, let me know what sites are working for you!

Pernisha G.

P.s. It’s all Love.


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