The more you let go, the more you’ll grow! ~Pernisha

And then sometimes, you just have to say, “I let it go.”

Often times we find ourselves trying to hold on to situations that we know we need to let go. We know by releasing something we have no control over will relieve us of tension and stress. But why do we still try to cling to circumstances that we do not have the ability to change?

I believe, we either see the potential of that thing changing for the better or we need the challenge of being able to fix something. However, I am going to tell you from experience that the moment you stop holding on and clinging to the idea of trying to help improve or fix a situation, you lift a major burden off of your shoulders. As a result of this, you will begin to move forward and think much clearly looking from the outside, versus being inside of the struggle. You will start to see a well-rounded view of what’s happening; and then, you can base your ultimate choices from your new perspective.

More than likely after you have fully released the problem or person, you’re not going to look back. Thinking on the past will remind you of the headache that came from being involved in that situation. What this does is forces you to continue to move forward in the direction that is right for you. You move on to a new lesson that provides even more clarity and growth.

Holding on to things you KNOW you need to let go keeps you stagnant. It keeps you in a place of illusion and confusion. You risk getting lost in what you should do versus what you need to do. This will create further complications and inefficient thinking. You’re mind will be in a constant battle of what is right and what you think is right.

Also, even though you are letting go, doesn’t mean it’s the same thing as giving in. I am not talking about running from a situation. I am speaking about being involved with someone or something – you have made many attempts to create a desired outcome that does not take place. For example, you have put in all of your A-game at work for a promotion next year. When that time comes, you feel you’ve exceeded expectations. And then, they don’t give you that promotion you were hoping for. Or let’s say a friend you’ve known for years is not being the person you feel they should be. They haven’t invited you to any special events, returned your calls in a timely manner or they only call you when they need you for something. You’ve discussed your dislikes countless times and they blatantly avoid your request. In these particular cases, it’s time to let it go – to move out of the situation, reflect on what you could have done differently to give you a better outcome or response, to think of what you were at fault for, and then, to move forward – continuing to go in the direction which was designed for you to move in.

If you find yourself on the fence about releasing something that isn’t benefiting you to your liking, consider re-evaluating if it’s time for you to come up with a new method, or leave all together.

Are you on a fence about letting something or someone go? I want to know…

Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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