Online Dating 101, Lesson 2: The Green Light Method


So you took my advice in Lesson 1, and made it back for Lesson 2 to learn what to do after you’ve sent numerous messages to your new beau (or boos). And because I want to help you prevent as much heartache as possible, I introduce you to my Green Light Method – a sure way to know everything’s a go, before you meet out with this perfect stranger.

After you’ve created your amazing profile, you’re going to get messages from left to right. I mean, men and women from all over the world are going to want to connect with you. You’re so perfect! I kid, I kid. However, once you have held a decent conversation with someone, and you’re ready to possibly meet them, DO NOT give them your telephone number. You don’t want any weirdoes tying up your phone lines. Instead, you want to immediately invite them to a nice video chat on (Skype or Google+). Consider this your first face-to-face date, so look presentable and be your absolute self. I suggest preparing your water and popcorn before the date, and moving into a quieter space so that you are not interrupted. He or she MUST BE ON TIME! If they cannot respect your time, believe me, it is the beginning to a long list of other things they will not respect. Reschedule the video session and move forward. But if they are on time, talk to them, compliment them and speak on the things they have written on their profile. If they are lying about anything, you WILL know!

OMG! They seem so perfect! If so, reach out to them via the dating site or video chat, exchange telephone numbers and be prepared to set up your first amazing date with each other. It’s booked! You’re going to the pier to eat, play and watch the sunset. But before you go missing for life, there are a few serious precautions you should take. I say “should”, because I didn’t always follow them. If they are picking you up, you need to provide a friend or family member with their license plate number, car color, model and make. You NEED to see their driver license so that you know they are who they say they are, and the age they say they are. After you gather the car information, send it to someone you trust and then buckle up your seat belt. You can also take these simple precautions when driving separately. Now, I know what some of you are saying, “I don’t wanna go through all of that… blah blah blah!” If you’re that lazy, another great way to get the complete scoop on a stranger before you meet with them is to know a few basic things about them. Use that information to search them via ALL social media sites, including Google (Google+, Google Images) and YouTube, click on the links where they are connected to and do some perusing. I ALWAYS find out more of who people are when I use this method. However, I also read pictures and words very well, so if that isn’t your strong point, use option one or both! It’s always better to be safe than sorry! On your date, be your absolute and complete self. Again, I cannot stress being you, enough. If you’re nervous, be open and express why. Be confident and open, and let the chips fall where they may!

That’s right! Whatever is supposed to happen, will. If the date goes smoothly or not, that’s fine. There’s always a second date, or not. Let whatever comes next, come naturally. Know that you have given your best and been yourself. They either want you for who you are or want someone who’s a little more fitting. And that’s perfect too! This leaves room for who IS supposed to be in that designated space of your life.

I can assure you that if you use two of these three strategies, you will feel safe and more confident about your first online dating experience.

Do you plan to try this method, or do you have your own thing going on? I want to know…

Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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