12 Ways To Be Thoughtful!


Generally, being thoughtful means doing things that you think of. However, I’m going to help you win your love interest heart all over again. Hey! The holidays are vastly approaching, so why not add just a little more love on your plate. We ALL need it, right?! Here are my twelve ways to be thoughtful. And don’t worry; we don’t have to tell anyone you needed help. You secret is safe with me.

  1. Write a short love note and hide it someone they will find it – the glove compartment, the drink holder, the wallet, on the almond milk in the fridge, the shower wall, in a sock, etc.!
  2. Turn off all the electronics, pour a glass of wine and just talk about everything!
  3. At night, take them to the highest cliff (or building) in your city, and keep them blind folded while you light candles and do whatever comes naturally after that!
  4. Pick a day to give them everything they as for that day. Just say yes to everything!
  5. Have the shower running, food on the table and massage oils warm for a back rub as soon as they walk through the door!
  6. Please them in bed and expect absolutely nothing in return!
  7. Order take-out and watch movies all flipping day and night. Laugh together. Cry together. And Kong-fu fight each other!
  8. Paint or draw a picture of them and frame it!
  9. Dig them a sand bed at the beach, throw in some pillows, a book, some snacks and watch the sunset!
  10. Be their private dancer all night, and make them laugh with your eccentric moves!
  11. Create a poetry night and have everyone recite a poem. Your poem should be about your beau. You can also use this time to propose while all of your closest friends and family are there!
  12. Organize a special party just for them! Do a B.Y.O.B. and invite friends and family over for a night of games, dancing and fun!

Super easy, extremely fun right?! I know. Have fun with it and be on the lookout for a Part 2… just in case. If you have any super ideas, let me know in the comments below!!

Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


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