A Change Of Heart


A couple of years ago, I was struggling with my vision, so I created myself a “Success Pyramid,” with the attempt to stay focus when I got distracted. In the pyramid are lists of affirmations and a HUGE sign that says, “It’s ok if my mind changes along the journey”; and that’s exactly what I want to tell you!

Many of us think we have it all figured out. We read books, attend colleges and work at jobs for years thinking that we will have a desire to do that one thing (that keeps us secure) for years until we retire. It wasn’t until I started experimenting and experiencing life more, that I found my heart always led me back to where I really wanted to be. No matter how safe I was working hours on in, having multiple jobs at once, creating side hustles to bring in more money, I kept showing up at the same damn door. I didn’t want to face it because I knew (and know) how competitive the field is. I knew and know people who get chewed up and spat out trying to make their dreams come true. I know people who work years and years waiting for their BIG BREAK; waiting for someone else to validate their success.  To protect myself from those feelings of hurt and sadness, I thought that if I just do this one thing, it will bring income to do that other thing. I thought, if I did that one thing that would secure my finances, put food on the table, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, money in my pockets, gifts under the tree, exotic vacations, that I could risk taking on my true passions as part-time hobbies. But I vow to you, that is not how life works (all the time). It will always remind you that you need a change of direction regardless of how comfortable and protected you feel.


I have put myself through so many experiences and challenges. I created small businesses, success plans, worked just about everywhere, and all to land back at the same place. I do not count those years as a complete waste of time. I have grown a very tough skin, my confidence shines brighter than it ever has and I have a more positive perspective about how to make things happen; how to do what I love, add value to the world and make tons of money doing it. If anything, my fuzzy paths have made my vision clearer than it’s ever been! I am no longer in denial of what I really want. I don’t have to hide it from anyone and I stand firm on my decision. I am grateful for having this conscious awakening.

If you get a feeling in your spirit that, something just isn’t working out or doesn’t feel right, it’s ok to change your mind, make sacrifices and get closer to where you truly are supposed to be. The struggles will come, but I promise, you will overcome. I’ve always promised myself, and at a very young age, that I would rather be “poor” doing what makes me happy, than to have all the riches in the world and be a miserably wondering soul. Money is everything, but there are just some things it will never be able to buy.

Are you having a change of heart and don’t want to risk losing what you have to pursue your dreams? I want to know in the comments below.

Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.



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