Fun Fall Dating Ideas

Fun Fall Dating Ideas

Are you looking to have a fun dating life this fall?

If so, here are six interesting ways to create the best date inside or outside during the season change. These ideas were conjured up from my very imaginative head, so they may seem just a little out of the ordinary from your usual meal and a movie date.

SERVE THEIR FAVORITE MEAL: Usually when you ask someone what their favorite foods are, you might consider making one of two of those dishes. But, I inspire you to ask them their favorite dishes from appetizers, main entrées, desserts and drinks of choice to either prepare them yourself, or arrange to have them cooked for pickup! When your date finds out what’s on the menu, they are going to be wowed out of their pants (if the food is perfect to taste, of course).

IT’S MOVIE NIGHT! Gather both of your favorite movies, popcorn, booze and food, and get ready to laugh and cry side by side. Turn it up a notch by incorporating drinking games from the internet.

IT’S GAME NIGHT! I would suggest creating a game where you both contribute, and then play. The next game should be an active game like naked Twister. The last game should be one of those, “Kiss them on the lips,” board games. This option might be quite sexual, so be sure to play with someone you trust!

CITY WATCH! Pick up some snacks and drive to the nearest and tallest hill after the sun has fallen. Enjoy great conversation in each other’s company while watching the city light up. Take a blanky just in case you need to cozy up next to each other.

BE ONE AT THE BEACH! Set a romantic mood at your local beach and after everyone has gone home for the night, slip off those threads and be one with nature. To avoid the cold, take a few shots before and then have at it! You might need to Lyft or Uber your way home after this wild evening!

FLY TO VEGAS!What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” For the first time EVER, let anything and everything be an option or an opportunity. Decide not to over-think and go with the flow. Get wasted! Dance on the bar! Get kicked out of the club! Get arrested! Grab some genitals! Hell, whatever the night allows you to be, BE THAT! It’s ok if you end up on YouTube, married or pregnant!

Or, are you just looking for ways to be thoughtful during or after your date, click here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these crazy ideas of mine. What do you consider to be a fun date that people don’t do very often?

Pernisha G.

P.s. It’s all Love!


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