Why Black Women DON’T Workout


Have you ever had either of these thoughts: “Why are there SO MANY FAT black women?” and, “Why don’t they join a gym like everybody else?

According to the CDC, back in 2012, 57% of black women – African-American women, African Goddesses, Nubian Queens, whichever you choose to call us – were considered obese, out of shape and overweight. Since then, there has been a large variety of ethnic organizations created to encourage black women to beat the statistics. These groups number one goal is to get black women to eat healthier and to incorporate at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. But, is it really working?

Based on the women I am surrounded by and those I connect with through social sites, we are all taking the initiative, but we battle staying consistent, and I have a fascinating idea as to why.

From my experience, one of the main reasons black women are not as active as they want to be is because of their audience. Seriously! I have yet to see a single black woman workout without having a set of eyes beaming through her plump breasts or wobbling derriere. When I used to attend the gym, I noticed how infatuated guys became by watching women dance to Zumba, or squat to the floor in the PIYO strength classes. Once in my hip-hop class, the instructor opted to turn off the lights to deter men from looking inside. I have also heard scary story of women being followed out of the gym by their admirers. While jogging outdoors, I’ve had countless men slow their cars to watch, whisper, whistle and holler at me as if I were a live circus show. At the park, I’ve witnessed an entire group of men stop and stare as though they have never seen a woman before!

Not all of us can pay to work out with a trainer in a secret facility like the celebs do! But, God knows I surely wish I had an Angela Basset physique.

Unfortunately, to adhere to safety precautions, the only way for us (black women) to be fit is to work out in the comfort of our own home, and some of us aren’t that interested in fitness DVD’s; however, I am, so if you need a good workout at home, click here. Some of us like to be out in the open, one with nature and basking in the scenery of the great outdoors. But, thanks to the many perverts and salivating weirdos that await us, we tend to stay discouraged on the couch eating pizza and sipping wine, chanting how, “BIG BOLD and BEAUTIFUL,” we are. I hate to say that men are stopping us from having the best body ever, but the reality is, some of them are. Men become unpredictably nasty and rude when we turn away from them or ignore their remarks. It’s as though they were never raised by a woman at all.

Ladies, please remember to stay as safe as possible should decide to take your fitness routine outdoors. Run to Big 5 to buy mace for unsuspected encounters, and then run to the gun range to stay skilled just in case you are followed home. If a stalker attempts to approach, karate chop them in the throat with your strong legs!

Have you become shy about trying rocking climbing, barre class , or a yoga retreat for fear that all eyes will be on you? If so, I want to know.

Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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