Falling In Love Everyday


You ever walk pass someone that smells like their entire being just came out of the clean laundry. You just knew they soaked themselves in Tide Ultra Fresh overnight and started the cycle the next morning. *Sniffs* Is that April Fresh with a Touch of Downy?

I don’t know what I’ve been doing to myself as of late, but it seems like every time I pass a mirror I have to stop and back track. I stare at my reflection and start praising GOD I didn’t have to pay for any curve I own. The insecure really make me appreciate what I’ve been blessed with!

I was once Skyping with a guy I barely knew and had randomly asked him to give me a tour of his restroom. He took me all around. There wasn’t a single mess to be found. My heart melted in adoration.

You ever find yourself praying to God after you tasted something you cooked (with no instructions)? “O.M.G. God, I can live like this ev-ver-ry-day,” or at least until I cook something else amazing – which is a few times a week.

I often find myself surrounded by beautiful men, either online or in passing. And I always stop to wonder, “How did God make that? Who are his parents? What does he do? Where is he going?!” Some men are just so *insert loud happy girly scream here*

As you can see, God and me talk a lot. Or I talk, and God just shakes his head.

Speaking of guys…

You ever talk to a guy who was handsome and easy to talk to. I keep having these moments more often than I want. There ain’t nothing like that 1st conversation. Needless to say, I have this problem right now and we’ve spoken more than once. I fall in love every time he speaks, even when it’s deep, serious or uncomfortable for him to express himself. Unfortunately for him, I’ve made an executive decision to stop talking to him and write a cute love story about us. Of course, I can’t tell him this, he’s going to think I’m crazier than I already am. It’s weird. I know. Writer sh*t. I need to reserve the moment however.

So (handsome guy that’s easy to talk to), if you see this, I want to talk to you. I really do. But I can’t. Keep contacting me though. It makes the story even more interesting. I hope you smiled like I just did. You have a nice one – and a nicer one in my pages.

Nonetheless, it really are those little things that make my world go round. Without them, nothing really matters.

Who or what makes your world go round-and-round?   Call me nosey, but I really want to know. 🙂      

~Pernisha G.


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