The Secret Trick to Seeing Your Full Potential


“I can see as much potential in you as I want to, but you have to see it for yourself!”

“You are responsible for your own actions.”

“Don’t nobody owe you nothin’!”

I could hear those words replaying in my mind like a melody. My Godmother instilled many of her thoughts in my mind, and seeing the potential in me was absolutely one of them. Like my mother, she was great at repeating herself. Parents. However, her point became clearer as the years went on. I started to notice the possibilities in others, and then questioned why they weren’t stretching themselves. I kept thinking about how someone could be so gifted, and still not recognize the importance of their existence. That’s nearly around the time I looked closely at myself. Why was I not utilizing the many talents I had been blessed with? I questioned. Why was I allowing myself to be distracted by things and people, preventing myself from being full, and growing towards my worth? Why was I not allowing myself to see the value in me?

I’m sure I can point the blame outside, which I often did while in my earlier twenties. But the mere reality of the fact is, I AM the cause for every effect in my life – nobody else. I can point my fingers day and night, and give everyone a part in my decisions. I can blame my family and friends for me once being overweight (which I have once resented them for). I can blame my ex-boyfriend for me once having had low confidence and little trust in men. I can even play a victim to all the horrific circumstances I endured as an adolescent. And I honestly have been there; I have pointed the blame, and it got me nowhere. I needed to take full responsibility for every single moment I experienced and will continue experiencing.

Why was I overweight? Me.

Why was my confidence shaky? Me.

Why was I playing the victim of my circumstance? Me.

I am solely responsible for holding myself back or moving myself forward.

No one was going to tell me I needed to seek healing. No one was going to give me an exhilarating list of all the fields I’m talented enough to be successful in. Not a single soul was going to show me which road was going to meet my every need. I PERNISHA GAINES needed to want, and wanted to need the answers to fulfilling my own happiness and success . I am responsible for myself. At this point, I know what I am capable of, and I do not expect someone to try to figure me out. Though I am reassured through friends and strangers how capable I am, I don’t need their reminders (that’s not to say I don’t welcome them). I prefer no one to give me the answers. I see my full potential. Like many of the other lessons in my life, I didn’t see them overnight. However, just by me wanting to reach my goals and having a desire to make some serious sacrifices to see my potential manifest, the details of how to get closer to my higher being started to unravel.

Building a strong support system with positive individuals has made all the difference. However, I have learned to not fully expect others to support my causes as much as I do. It is my responsibility to be excited for me and my journey; again, because only I can see the REAL potential in me, and clearer than anyone else.

I truly want to see you reach your fullest potential, so don’t be shy to tell me what I can do or write about to empower you to get better result on your journey…

Pernisha G.

It’s all Love.


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