Are you living “the simple life”?

A few days ago, my only father passed away.  I hadn’t “lost” a family member to death in a while and I assume that: God thinks I’m at a place in my life where I can receive such a change.

I did not know my father, but my tears have convinced me that I am / was closer to him than I thought. And while I sit in this sort of paralyzed state, many lessons are coming to mind and I can’t help but to share and release them here.

You are responsible for how you treat yourself and others. Though my father never claimed me as his daughter, I still wanted a relationship with him – one that I would never get the chance to have. But that seems to not be my dilemma. The unfortunate matter is that I kept waiting and waiting until I thought I was ready to approach him as an adult. I had planned to tell him that: “Dad, I’m your daughter. I am not concerned about your past – I don’t live back there. I just want to know who you are and maybe have a relationship with you, should you allow it.” I knew the exact words that wouldn’t exist. And still, I waited.

You’ve heard it before: “Tell people you love them NOW – tell them today.”

Life is not short, but rather it is unpredictable. And while living and breathing:

Remember to do those things that make you happy. Make love to your work. If there is not passion behind what you’re doing, don’t do it! Hire someone else to do it. Someone who is passionate about the job – that’s exactly what they are here for; to help and for us to help each other.

Laugh more than you want to. I can’t stress this enough. There are so many unhappy beings moping around. Others want to. Then there are those who don’t. Laugh out loud and bring laughter and joy to those surrounding you because we all deserve it.  Stop worrying about being taken seriously. There is no time for that. Laughing through the day makes every journey easier and keeps stress levels at bay.


Make love with someone who appreciates making love to you. I can speculate as much as I want about how many single people there are – or how many unhappy “committed” couples there are. But it’s as simple as running water. Give your mind and body to the person who appreciates them the most and vice versa. One who is not obsessed, but yet, doesn’t take them for granted.

Give without limits. I remember when my younger cousin once lived with me and she kept using my personal belongings. I would come home and there would be a half empty jar of this, or a half empty jar of that. What’s ridiculous is that I was barely using those things. So in reality, she was fully utilizing my personals, which is what they were meant for. She was helping me, herself and her two babies, and I, of course, was being ungrateful and possessive. Material things come and go. It’s better to give them away than to have them taken away. God blesses those who bless others whether materialistically, mentally, financially, or spiritually. As long as you are blessed enough to take care of others, help out where you can and as much as you can.

Forgive and move on. Holding grudges and always reflecting backwards WILL set you back. If you are hurt by a situation or someone, seek out help. Forgive them. Move forward. There is so much life to be had and trust me; you don’t want your blessing numbered.

Money isn’t the world. However, love is! There are so many wealthy people in the world because they love something; whether that be money or power. It starts with love. You are responsible for knowing the meaning of true love and blessing others with what you know.

Your friends should be those whom you call when you feel like giving up, feel misunderstood, feel incompetent, lacking and also, empowered. If you cannot share your highs and lows with them, communicate with them about it. If they choose to not recognize the matter or dismiss you as a joke, please move on. Regardless of what your past history is with them, you deserve better.

Please forgive me if I am leaving anything out. But in life and in general, these lessons are prevalent and require much patience.

If you agree, I would love to know. And also, what lessons are most important and recurring in your life?

Pernisha G.

Ps. It’s all Love.


2 responses to “Are you living “the simple life”?

  1. I loved every part of this article. The words painted with positivity and life, moved me.
    I was feeling a little because of some reasons, the title attracted me and soon i realised how thankful I am to you for such beautiful words.
    There were many questions rambling in my mind, this article answered all.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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