An Empty Heart

I remember when I was just a little younger; all I wanted to do was be in love. I wanted to feel love and give it back. I thought being in love with someone would make me happier somehow.

But it didn’t; and I never really knew true love or happiness until I knew myself.

There were so many roles I wanted to play to others that I hadn’t yet played for myself. There have been moments wasted on investing emotions and time in others thinking I would get a mutual feeling in return. But love doesn’t work that way.

You can only give love the way you provide it for yourself. So if you want someone to love you better, love yourself even better. And when I say better, I mean healthier. Strive to be wiser. Learn from mature people mistakes. Kiss and hug yourself even when you don’t want to – and trust me, some days I didn’t want to.


You ever look in the mirror and tell yourself how “tired” of yourself you are. Well, I have. If I didn’t say it, sometimes I showed it. That, “Who cares? I don’t,” attitude.

You have to show and give love to yourself even when you don’t care. Nurture and involve yourself in all that you are. Improve and endure when the strength just cannot be found; and then, you can give all of those qualities to someone else.

Be the bigger picture, and then let someone else enjoy the journey with you. When you tunnel vision to ten years from now, you shouldn’t be happier because “so and so” is going to be there. That sense of excitement should already exist without them; because when they’re gone, where do you think your happiness will go?

You are happiness. You are love. You are the head of your daydreams and everyone else is a small piece of the party!

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Do you love how you love yourself? Or are you too busy giving your energy to others and leaving your heart for dry? Where can you improve? Comment below.


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