It Might Actually Feel Good!

Before writing this post, I was indulging in the O Magazine, reading about New Year Resolutions. Moments before then, I kept thinking to go make a snack. I struggled with the idea because I know my weight has become uncomfortable for me. It’s at a point where it needs a resolution of it’s on.

The magazine author and life coach, Martha Beck, challenged her readers to create meaningful goals at the beginning of the year. The decision to do so increases the chances of longevity, personal satisfaction and accomplishment. Passionate to be better every year, I was anxious to discover a way of thinking that would promote a positive way of being.

Knowing my weight is an issue, I wondered what would make me fulfilled in this moment aside from food – what else could I do to release endorphins and make myself feel happier? My answer came as clear as day: Apply for a job that I might actually like to do, experience or not.

As a newlywed and mother of a soon to be toddler, staying at home has kept me comfortable and regretful. I am excited and grateful to stay home with my little busy princess. Yet, I feel disgusting for not being the self-sufficient woman I used to know. Realistically, the only way to remove the feeling of isolation and lack of fulfillment (at this moment) is by seeking employment opportunities. With a new baby, I have been hesitant. But perhaps, my intuition is telling me to trust my instincts and to learn a new process – a new way of handling life.

The only way to move forward is by moving forward. ~ Pernisha Gaines

Getting out of my comfort zone. Reselling myself. Being excited about taking risks in unknown territories. Diving deep and exploring a new sense of self. All of these ideas I would need to implement in my job hunt journey. It is time to get acquainted with new skills, dust off the interview shoes and polish my resume. Though I am not sure which jobs I will apply to, I know that I want them to compliment the newer parts of myself. This way, I am not lost in the archives of the way life used to be before marriage and baby girl. I may have learned plenty, but those old lessons and tools are for someone else, and I wish her the best.

I bet you’ve forgotten about the snack. So did I, and that is the point. My new habit has already benefitted me more ways than one. I decided to have a refreshing glass of water, apply to some awesome jobs, and find new traits that I think will fit my unique personality. Maybe I’ll do some photography, write a book, sell music, be a florist, paint pictures, design a magazine. Whichever job it is, I want it to be daring, fearless and a sincere reflection of the woman I am as I type this 510-word post. And hey, it might actually feel good!

Are you gaining weight trying to feel good? Or, is your job lacking and you need a career check? Any advice? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading…


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