2017 Cheat Sheet

I heard you were trying to make some changes for the New Year. It’s a new year, a new you with a twist. If you’ve made plans in the past and have not stuck with them, it’s time to take another approach. Take your life and your way of living to new heights, and learn to gain a different perspective about who you are and your personal goals. Though I’ve listed these ten amazing suggestions, there are countless ways and opportunities to make strides and add flavor to this year. I know these tips will bring you plenty of joy and leave you feeling accomplished going into 2018.


Many of us wait for someone else to treat us out to dinner, pick up the tab on a bill, or save us from our monthly expenses. Instead of anticipating a financial hero, be one! Going out with your friends? Pay for their food. A family member complaining about a bill? Surprise them and take that stress away from them. Is the person in front of you at the grocery store struggling to get food for their family? Contribute to their grocery bill or pay for the entire thing. People are waiting for a hero like you to not turn a blind eye and save them from the expenses of life.


If you’re married with a toddler like me, you know the daily battle of trying to make some special one-on-one time with your beau. There are many important benefits to quality time. So take initiative and make it happen. Find, hunt, search and hire a baby sitter, even if it’s for two hours. Or, after the baby is asleep, drop the rose petals on the floor, turn on sexy Prince music, burn a few candles and romance them in the tub, bed or kitchen. Make no excuse, and make it happen. It will only bring you two closer – assuming that’s what you want.


Stop waiting for someone to listen to you, and be the person you need. Be an ear to someone else. Most times, people are not looking for your advice, they simply need to speak through their problems so they can find their own solution. We know you probably give great advice, but it’s not always needed! Sometimes, you just need someone to shut up and listen. So, go zip your lips and tune in.


What’s a better way for your family and friends to get together than a party? A themed party at that! It doesn’t have to be New Years, Christmas or a birthday. Call it a life party. An, I miss you party. A BYOB party. Bring your favorite people together to love on one another and encourage a happy time.


Have you been so quick to judge a complete stranger’s status or position. Maybe you think you have them all figured out. From experience, you don’t know what someone is dealing with until you open your mind and see life their way. What better way to do that than to listen to their story, and perhaps, see how you can be of help. So next time you see a transient on the side-walk, don’t throw them your loose change or left over food. Give them what they might be lacking – someone to get involved.


I know you dread the idea of going through your papers, boxes, clothes and drawers, but it has to be done eventually. Avoid living a hoarder’s lifestyle and start making visits to the Container Store to contain your life. I challenge you to spend an entire week organizing every single itty-bitty detail of your living environment. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness.



Spend your weekends dressing yourself for your own invisible runway. Plan what you will wear. Create new looks that you would usually have to think twice about. Hop out of your cozy comfort zone and bring down those expensive knee-high boots you only see on special occasions. Or, wear those perfect fitting jeans you’ve been waiting to put on and head to five of your favorite spots. I’ve heard, the way you dress affects the way you feel, so be empowered to dress your absolute best – like you’re going on a date with your celebrity crush. Here I come Mr. Gosling!


Have you been thinking of the perfect gift for someone? Try avoiding the perfect gift card or a date to dinner and get crafty! Use Pinterest to build all sorts of luxurious gifts from scratch. You may get glue in your hair, but the look on their face will be priceless. Sentiments last longer when they’re well thought out and produced directly from the manufacturer, you! Here are some awesome DIY gifts and projects.


Surely you want to lose weight or be fitter than you’ve ever been in 2017. Who doesn’t? A cool way to stay motivated is to save and splurge on yourself. Every time you workout, slide $1-3 dollars in your fit and fabulous fund! By the end of the year, you’ll be leaner and trimmer. And, what better way to celebrate such a major accomplishment than with a shopping spree?


Whether it’s quitting your unfulfilling career and branding yourself in a new one, holding a slithery snake, cooking Thanksgiving dinner and inviting family over, jumping into a dark lake, or telling someone you want to take things to the next level, dive in! Prep, plan, do what you need to do to face your fear and step into the person you might be holding yourself back from being.

If you’ve enjoyed these great tips, please let me know in the comments! If you’d like to see more posts like these, comment!

How do you plan to squeeze all the lemon juice out of 2017? I’d love to hear your suggestions…


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